True Life in God Messages

True Life in God Notebook 107 1100 2003 January 6, 2003 (Epiphany) Let me praise my God for His Goodness and His marvellous deeds in return for all that He has done for us and for the great and tender Mercy He has shown us; He who transcends the heights, He who is robed in Royal Power, He who is vested in glittering sapphires, has never deserted us, His people, because we are the bone of His Bone, the flesh of His Flesh and the breath of His Life-giving Spirit; and it is like Scriptures say of His Beauty: “His Head is golden, purest gold, His locks are palm fronds and black as raven;” His Eyes are like a turquoise transparent pool, and when His gaze falls upon you, with that single glance your soul swoons while it ravishes your heart, shattering it, wounding it; the rarest essences are His, and when He passes by near you, the breeze wafting the scent of our Lord on you transcends any glory; it is a dialogue on its own ... when He opens His Mouth and the Word comes out, an inundating ray of light sheds out at the same time more brilliant than any suns, brightening the whole cosmos; giving life to everything; like a Bridegroom wearing his matrimonial wreath 1 He walks in a lordly manner and my soul rejoices in just watching Him pass me by ... while I am melting away in His Light ... your Ode, flower, infatuated me; and I am pleased with Myself that the work of My Hands gives Me praise and glory; Vassula, you would have never been able to glorify Me unless I was joined to you; you would never be able, either, to accomplish this work that surpasses your ability were I not joined to you; yes, what ability has man, unless it is given to them from above? so now, daughter, go and proclaim to the nations all that I have done for you, and all that you have seen, and how in the beginning I had dealt with your guilt, and how I have espoused you to Me in an ineffable manner; I visit the earth now and then to water its desert and make rivers that brim with lustrous water to provide grain; 2 then those who are willing to gather 3 the harvest will eat it and will profit from it, praising Me; those who refuse to gather the harvest, while there is no grain, these will die ... My Presence is Life and Light; My Presence is Hope and Salvation; look, I am like the rising sun that sheds its light after darkness to give light to those who live like the jackal in darkness, and on those who live in a land of deep shadow, 1 In the Orthodox marriages it is customary that the bride and the bridegroom wear this wreath linked with each other by a ribbon. 2 Spiritual grain = spiritual manna. 3 I also heard ‘collect’ at the same time.