True Life in God Messages

Notebook 107 True Life in God 1099 measure of their godlessness ... all the earth will suffer unless I hear a true cry of repentance; ah, and those who stand up on platforms proclaiming peace and how, and in which way one has to establish peace among themselves, when these very ones are transgressing My commandments and are at war with Me, how do they expect in their right mind to bring peace? do not despair though, in the end, salvation will come from the Triune God; the One you keep rejecting, godless generation, in the end you will live in peace; the God who is enthroned above will enforest you and My Spirit will flow continuously like a lustrous stream in dry lands; I will fill all things in My own Light, in this Light I will remove the darnel from the wheat; as I have said to you, I will separate the goats from the sheep; those who will find themselves outside My Divine Light, I will be to them inaccessible and invisible, and only darkness will be their dwelling; but those who will find themselves inside My Divine Light will be blessed, and will be light themselves inside My Light; I will encompass them imparting them in My own brightness; the more pure the soul, the more brighter she will be; happy the man whose fault is forgiven, whose sin is blotted out; happy the man whom I accuse of no guilt, whose spirit is incapable of deceit! tell your generation that God is here, with you all ... ic;