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Welcome To the praise of Jesus and Mary In reading the True Life in God Messages you hold in your hand, read them from the start, then follow the book in order so that you become immersed in God’s Love for you. You will understand, while reading from the beginning that God is calling you to an intimate relationship with Him. Jesus Christ asked me to tell you always to take my name, Vassula, out of the Messages and replace it with your name. You will hear Him then speaking to you, reanimating your soul to move, aspire, and breathe in His Glory. God will draw you very delicately into His Heart so that you no longer belong to yourself but to the One who moves you in union with Their Oneness (The Holy Trinity). I want to thank everyone who supports and helps diffuse these Messages. Jesus said on several occasions: “My Message saves souls.” Let everyone who is moved by the Holy Spirit become witnesses of God’s infinite Love. May you, too, become a disciple of these End of Times.

TRUE LIFE IN GOD: DIVINE DIALOGUE I have read all the TRUE LIFE IN GOD books and meditated on their contents. I truly believe that the books contain the Divine Dialogue of the Holy Trinity, Our Lady and the Angels with humankind through Vassula Rydén. I have not found anything objectionable and anything contrary to the Church’s authentic authority on faith and morals. Reading these books and meditating on the contents are spiritually beneficial to all. I recommend these books to every Christian. Felix Toppo, S.J., DD Roman Catholic Bishop of Jamshedpur, India Golmuri, November 24, 2005

Editor’s Note While no substantive changes of any kind have been made to the content of the True Life in God Messages in preparing this book, some changes have been made to the presentation of the True Life in God Messages as compared with the original notebooks in which the Messages were written down. (One of the pages of the original notebooks is reproduced above.) (1) So far as could be detected, all transcription errors – such as in spelling and punctuation – in writing down the original handwritten Messages have been corrected. (2) Various stylistic changes have been made to the presentation of the True Life in God Messages, such as the presentation of dates, footnotes and references to the Bible. (All Bible references are to the Jerusalem Bible.) (3) Where, in the notebooks, Vassula Rydén used an abbreviation or a symbol to represent a word, the full word has been used in this version of the Messages. The punctuation in this book follows the original handwritten Messages, where semicolons replace full stops and where sentences begin with lower case letters. Vassula says, ‘I never understood why the text was punctuated in this manner until one day a priest told me that the Old Testament in Hebrew was written in the same style.’ At the back of this book, interested readers will find two appendices: the first contains a prayer of repentance and deliverance that our Lord wishes us to say; the second contains correspondence between Vassula and the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith at the Vatican regarding the True Life in God Messages. Readers interested in looking up Messages dealing with specific topics or issues are referred to the index at the back of the book.

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Vassula, have I not told you that we are united, we are one, beloved; call it: ‘true life in God’; live for me; here is what I want you to write; June 10, 1987

Notebooks 1-6 True Life in God 1 1986 September 20, 19861 Peace be with you; Can I be with You? yes, you are with Me; I am the Light; Can I be near You? you are near Me; you are in Me; I am the Light; Can You shelter me? you are sheltered by Me; Can I lean on You? you can lean on Me; I need Your Strength to keep my Faith; you are given Strength; I need Your Love; you are loved by Me; I am the Light and I shine for everybody to see; have no fear, My Path is straight; My Path will lead you to Me; I will meet you and you will recognise Me, for I radiate Peace and Love; come to Me; can you see Me? can you hear Me? do not be afraid; do not just stand there in the dark; see, your limbs are healed, you can walk again, see, your sight is back; 2 I healed you; I have healed your shame and your sins are 1This is written after the Purification. 2All of this is metaphoric. washed away by Me; use your limbs to walk to Me; your eyes to see Me, your faith to meet Me; I am your Redeemer; I am your Peace; I, Jesus, love all of you; September 27, 1986 peace be with you; Vassula, come to Me, I am your Redeemer, your Peace; I lived on earth among you, in flesh; I am God’s Begotten Son; come to Me and lean your head on Me; I am your Consoler; when you feel miserable remember, I am near you; recite with Me this Prayer: help me Father and lead me to Your pastures of repose, where everlasting pure water flows, be my Light to show me the Way; with You by your side will I walk; with You illuminating me will I talk; Father, Beloved, remain within me to have Peace, to feel Your Love; I will follow You in Your footsteps; with You I will remain; enlighten me, love me, be with me here and forever after; amen; (Jesus had come to show me this prayer.) September 28, 1986 (Today Jesus gave me a clear vision (intellectual vision) of myself in nowhere. My surrounding looked like I was in marshlands with no one around and my spirit seemed lost. Among the dry trees I saw Jesus looking for me.)

2 True Life in God Notebooks 1-6 I am here; it is I, Jesus; I have found you; come, let Me show you the way back; hear Me: I Jesus am the Way; every time you feel lost, call Me; I will come to you and I will show you the way; I am the Way; September 30, 1986 peace be with you daughter; Please, Jesus, give me light to be able to feel You and write. 1 Vassula, lip-service means the call is meaningless; (I realised my mistake. I asked Jesus this favour without love, without thinking, without really feeling it. I repeated it but really meaning every word and raising my soul to Him.) deliver your call to Me, feeling Me2 like this time; I, God, feel; I feel all; I must receive from your call, love from the depths of your soul, needing Me, loving Me, meaning every word you say; I, God, exist and I feel; any call which is lipservice might as well stay buried; lipservices are calls bellowing from graves; remember, I exist and feel; I wish that all My children work, giving Me joy; October 5, 1986 (I’m reading a book in which many people reported “experiences with God”, but almost all those people are told by ‘experts’ that they should forget what they experienced because it’s not God; they tell them that only highly elevated souls experience these things from God and one has to be highly elevated too. As I know I’m none of this and far from good, I decided to 1 I need to feel God’s Presence. 2Being aware of God’s Presence. stop these meetings by writing with God; I might as well ‘pack-up’ the whole thing. They seemed to say that to reach God you have to be a saint and they made me believe God is so far. So I will drop the whole thing, leaving my hand to write for the last time what it wants, led by “the force” that has been writing all these months.) Vassula! do not leave Me, beloved, be calling on Me and be learning from Me; remember, I am beside you all the time; I, God, am living in you; believe Me, I am the Almighty, the Eternal God; No. It can’t be. It can’t be God. Those that know would prove to me that it is not God. Only highly pure souls who are worthy, God reaches giving such graces. I am not beyond reach! Vassula, I do not refuse anybody; I blame all those who discourage My countenance to My children to come to Me; whoever teaches that to be able to be with Me or be accepted by Me should be pure or worthy are those who are damaging My Church; any man having found Me, but is discouraged by others, I, who am Infinite Strength, will support him, giving him My Strength; why, why do I have men who call themselves experts, judging whether I am or not, banning every possibility, leaving My children disconsolate and helpless and disillusioned, disregarding all My graces, pulling away My children from Me; why are all My given blessings rejected; blessings that I gave; I am Infinite Wealth; daughter, when you had finally found Me, I was full of happiness; I was careful not to frighten you away; I was being gentle, treating you like a mother handling her infant; I made you approach Me; I was full of happiness calling you and meeting you, having you near Me, sharing everything I have, My

Notebooks 1-6 True Life in God 3 beloved; and now, you come telling Me that you are thinking of leaving Me, because I, God, am impossible to reach and that you were given information that only worthy souls can reach Me and that you are below the standard required! I never deny any soul; I offer My graces even to the most wretched; delight Me and meet Me in this way; I bless you, daughter; I am guiding you; you are eating from Me; Vassula, read today 1 Peter; read attentively, then I will relate it to you; read the first chapter; live with faith; Peter teaches you to have faith; (Jesus made me understand many things with the word ‘faith’; that one can make mountains move by faith. One has to believe blindly, if you wish.) October 10, 1986 I am the Light; I, Jesus, want to warn you: never ever fall into traps set up by evil; never believe in any message which brings you unrest; do understand why evil is trying very hard to stop you; daughter, any message condemning My previous messages1 is from evil; the devil is trying once again to stop you and discourage you; I, who am your Saviour, am confirming to you that all the messages bearing calls of love and peace, leading those that are lost to find their way back to Me, are all from the Father and Me; so do not get discouraged, have faith in Me; remember, do not believe in any message that will leave your heart worried; I am Peace and peaceful you should feel; 1First editions before the approach of the Cross . October 16, 1986 peace be with you; beloved, rest; do not burden yourself more; I can feel how you are straining; I felt Your Presence! Were You emphasising Your Presence, Jesus? I am, I emphasised My Presence so that you understand; Vassula, I am fully aware of your capacity; (That day I was particularly tired but I could not stop reading and working. I felt Jesus’ Presence everywhere. He was trying to tell me something.) October 22, 1986 I, God, delight to have you near Me; I love you, daughter; have faith in Me; in less than two months you will be hearing Me distinctively, 2 I will give you the support you want; My aim is to guide you; you will progress enormously in less than two months, for this is My will; I am your Teacher; all My teachings will enlighten your soul; remain near Me; Vassula, every time you feel miserable come to Me and I will console you, for you are My beloved; I never want to see any of My children miserable; they should come to Me and I will console them; October 23, 1986 Vassula, which house needs you more? I want you to choose; Jesus, if You are asking me what is more important, Your House or mine, I would of 2Prediction which came true. After six weeks I could hear His voice clearer.

4 True Life in God Notebooks 1-6 course say “Your House”; and to choose, I choose Your House. I bless you; (Jesus seemed so pleased!) I will guide you, little one; come, take with you My Cross and follow Me; remember, I will help you; you will be My disciple; I will help you to reveal Me; I am Holy, I am Holy, so be Holy, live Holy; I will give you My support; Vassula, are you willing to work for Me? Name Yourself again. Jesus Christ; Yes, I will work for You. I love you; call Me when you wish; (I was agreeing without really realising what it means to work for God. Since I love God I wanted to please Him. I never realised my incapacity!) hear Me, listen to My cries, listen to My cries, can you see My Cross? I am Jesus who brings forth this vision; 1 I call, I am suffering because I am counting you, My beloved, and I see you scattered and unaware of the dangers the devil has laid out for you; My Heart lacerates to see you so far away from Me! (For a whole month, Jesus was giving me images of His Cross. Wherever I turned my head and looked in any direction, a huge dark-brown cross was standing. If I lifted my eyes from my plate, while eating, this enormous Cross was there. If I looked from within my mosquito-net, the Cross again. If I walked out and went to another room, to sit, or whatever, the Cross followed and it 1 I saw a huge dark Cross. was there. For a month; it was as though it was haunting me. Then another thing started to haunt me. That all that’s happening is perhaps not from God. But then, if it was from the devil, how dumb can he get? I started to fear what people would say of this, what will happen to me. I will be mocked!) daughter, daughter, live in peace! (I was suspicious.) Who is it? it is I, Jesus, remain near Me; I have been calling you for years; I wanted you to love Me, Vassula ... Jesus, when was the first time You called me? the time you were going to Lebanon; I called you in your sleep; you saw Me; remember how I pulled you towards Me, calling you? Yes, I remember, I was very frightened. I was about ten. I was frightened by Your force that pulled me. It felt like a strong current, like a magnet pulling a small magnet. I tried to resist and pull away, but I couldn’t until I found myself stuck on You, then I woke up. (I found it strange that Jesus reminded me of this dream; and how I could remember it still.) November 9, 1986 peace be with you; I am here, I am Jesus Christ; I am before you, I am your Teacher and I love you; evil was conquered by sacrificing Myself; sleep not because I am soon with you; I am the Revelations; I have tidings that will talk; talk to Me about My Crucifixion, Vassula;

Notebooks 1-6 True Life in God 5 What shall I say? Shall I think before or during? before; (Jesus gave me an image of the scourging.) having scourged Me, they spat on Me and gave Me several hard blows on My head, leaving Me dizzy; they kicked Me in My stomach leaving Me breathless and falling to the ground; moaning with pain, they took sport in Me kicking Me by turn; I was unrecognizable; My body was broken and so was My heart; My flesh, which was ripped off, hung all over My body; one of them picked Me up and dragged Me because My legs would not carry Me any longer; then they clothed Me with one of their robes; they hauled Me forward, repeating their blows, hitting Me across My face, breaking My nose, harassing Me; I listened to their insults; daughter, with such hatred and mockery their voices resounded, augmenting My cup; I listened to them saying, “where are your friends mustering while their king is with us, are all Jews as treacherous as these ones? behold their king!” and they crowned Me with a woven crown of thorns, daughter, “where are your Jews to hail you, You are king are you not? can you mimic one? laugh! do not cry, you are king are you not, behave like one then”; they tied up My feet with ropes and told Me to walk to where My cross was; daughter, I could not go since they had My feet tied, so they hauled Me to the ground and dragged Me by My hair towards My cross; My pain was intolerable, parts of My flesh which hung from the scourging were ripped off; they loosened the ropes off My feet and kicked Me to get up and lift My burden on my shoulders; I could not see where My cross was for My eyes were filled up with My blood which was streaking down My face from the thorns, which had penetrated My head; so they lifted My cross and laid it on My shoulders, pushing Me towards the gates; daughter, O how heavy My cross was which I had to bear! I felt My way to the gates, led by the scourge behind Me, I tried to see My way through My blood which burned My eyes; I then felt someone wiping My face; women in agony came forth washing My swollen face, I heard them weeping and mourning, I felt them; “be blessed”, I uttered, “My blood will wash away all sins of mankind; behold daughters, the time has come for your salvation”; I dragged Myself up; the crowds turned wild; I could see no friend around Me; no one was there to console Me; My agony seemed to grow and I fell on the ground; fearing that I would expire before the crucifixion, the soldiers ordered a man called Simon to bear My cross; daughter, it was not a gesture of kindness or of compassion; it was to save Me for the cross; arriving on the Mount, they thrust Me on the ground, tearing off Me My clothes, leaving Me naked for every eye to see Me, My wounds opening again and My Blood flowing out on the earth; the soldiers offered Me wine mixed with gall; I refused it for deep inside Me I had already the bitterness given to Me by My foes; they quickly nailed My wrists first, and after allowing the nails to set in My cross, they stretched My broken body and with violence pierced My feet through; daughter, O daughter, what pain, what agony, what torment of My soul, forsaken by My beloved ones, denied by Peter upon whom I would found My Church, denied by the rest of My friends, left all alone, abandoned to My foes; I wept, for My soul was filled with sorrow;

6 True Life in God Notebooks 1-6 the soldiers erected My cross, setting it in the furrow; I gazed upon the crowds, from where I was hardly seeing; from My swollen eyes, I watched the world; I saw no friend among those who mocked Me; no one was there to console Me; “My God! My God! why have you forsaken Me?”; forsaken by all those who loved Me; My gaze fell on My Mother; I looked upon Her and our hearts spoke, “I am giving you My beloved children to be your children too, You are to be their Mother”; all was ending, salvation was near; I saw the heavens open and every angel stood erect, all stood in silence, “My Father, into Your hands I commend My Spirit, I am with You now”; I, Jesus Christ, dictated you My agony; bear1 My Cross Vassula, bear it for Me, My cross cries out for Peace and Love; I will show you the Way for I love you daughter; December 4, 1986 (Still I’m amazed and have enormous doubts of how this is happening. How could this happen? I mean how can I not control my writing hand. It’s like I’m being used by another force. But I’m too realistic, that’s why I doubt, and yet, it’s happening, I’m confused ... ) I am here; it is I, Jesus; daughter, remember you are spirit and I am also Spirit2 and Holy; I live in you and you in Me; remain in Me; I, Jesus, am with you always; understand this: be in My Light, for I am the Light and through Me you are receiving knowledge; you are progressing; 1First time Jesus talked about bearing His cross was on October 23, 1986. 2This does not deny His Glorious Body nor my flesh. All right, You have convinced me that it is You. You have reached Your two goals: that I love You, was one, and that You are meeting me in this way is the other. You have seduced me. I know that I’m not more schizophrenic than the rest of the world, or psychotic than the psychiatrist himself. I know that it is not from the devils since I know how one feels when attacked by them, giving a disquieting feeling of torments. 3 I have not chosen to receive Your calls since I was totally aloof from You. You willed it My God. I do not regret, how could I, since I’m seduced now! child, I elevated you to enable you to be with Me; I taught you to love Me; are you happy to be with Me in this way? Oh yes! I bless you from the core of My Heart; December 8, 1986 Can I be in Your Light? You are in My Light; I am Jesus, your Saviour; wearing My Cross4 means bearing with you My sufferings, daughter; December 10, 1986 daughter, will you follow Me? do not wander astray, lead a holy life; Jesus, can’t I be like I am? 5 hear Me; list Me one person of holy creed who never chose the Church; list Me one person who was partial! .... 3 That is when I was attacked before, so that I abandoned the writings. 4Jesus meant the cross one wears around the neck. 5Leading a jazzy life but also trying to be a disciple…

Notebooks 1-6 True Life in God 7 I can’t think of any. no, there were none; (Jesus seemed to wait that I say something.) You want me ‘complete’? yes, I do; fear not; what are you caring for, daughter? (I must have sighed.) What happens if I stay the same? remain always the same and you will discover that I will not stop calling you to Me! Can I ask you a question? you may; Do You really care if I change? I do! Is there a difference if I change, I mean to be holy like You say. yes, there is a difference; turn to Me and remain with Me; Can you see right now in the future? I do, beloved; Can I ask you a question? you can; Since you see in the future I would like to know something, if You don’t want to answer me just draw me a heart – will I disappoint you in the end? no, you will not disappoint Me; (I was relieved ...) How would you feel? I, God, will feel glorified; You would?? I would; do not fear, why are you fearing to be holy? remember, you are in the beginning of My call; What does this really mean? it means that you are still learning from Me; I will be teaching you and showing you My Works; I am only in the beginning of My call, you will discover later on how I work; I will call you later on at the appointed time to find Peace; are you fully aware of what Peace means? I’m not really sure. Peace could mean death, could mean Church. I do not know quite… I am Peace; I am here, near you; My right Hand holding your writing hand; My Left Hand on your left shoulder; I am present and you feel Me; I am your Teacher, daughter; walk with Me! work with Me for I have appointed you to be My bearer; do not let discouragement come from men; many of them do not understand, for darkness might have closed their heart, eradicating all understanding; have peace; I, God, love you to distraction; courage, daughter; December 11, 1986 daughter, are you willing to be holy? do not fear; (Jesus came back to the same subject of the previous message.)

8 True Life in God Notebooks 1-6 What is it exactly to be holy? to be holy is to be pure and completely devoted to Me; holy is to work with love for Me; holy is to love Me and stay near Me; holy is to obey the Law; holy is to be like I am; Can one be holy in heart only? yes! Is the heart what counts more than the holy clothes? yes, the heart is what is important; remain near Me, remain near Me; 1 you are not near Me like I wish! I feel you are evading Me; (Jesus was not happy ...) I am Holy, so I want you to be holy; I really want to be nearer to You! do you really mean it? are you really seeking Me? Do not abandon me! I will not! Never? never! daughter, do not fear; are you fearing that the habit2 gives you sorrows? go on, say it! (I took all my courage) I really do not want to wear garments of nuns, I love You as I am also ... you finally had the courage to say it, daughter! I am pleased with you for 1 ‘Remain near Me’ means that I was not concentrating on Him. 2Nun’s dress. being truthful! I, God, love you; you realise you would have been lying in My Face if you would have said the opposite; (I felt God so pleased but He might be sad for the result.) I am not sad! listen to Me; I want you to be holy in heart, not in the habit; What is partial? Wouldn’t it be being partial not wearing the garments? partial again teams up with the same meaning, one does not need holy garments to be holy; what worth are holy garments when the heart is unholy? it is like salt having lost its taste; I am going to you to be nearer to Me; I will bring you closer to Me; feel loved by Me, do not fear Me, I am Peace; I, Jesus, guide you, I lead you; pray more and work with Me in this way; augment your faith in Me; need Me; be watchful for the time is near; December 13, 1986 daughter, do you feel I have trapped you? I love you, beloved, do not fear Me; you seem to fear that I am trapping you! (True, I mentioned to my friends this and used the word ‘trap’.) I know, I wished that you love Me; Are You angry? no, I am not; Shall I be frank? be; You wanted me to love You? I did;

Notebooks 1-6 True Life in God 9 You have reached Your goal? I have; You seduced me and I like it! are you happy this way? I am very! I wish I would be less blunt! you are learning; eat from Me, be blessed; Is it possible that I bless You too? it is; Then have my blessings, Jesus Christ! I love you; I have brought you up to be My bearer; I wished that you love Me; since you are going to be My bearer, I wish you to be holy since I am Holy and you are willing to follow Me and work for Me, do not fear of being holy; why are you fearing it so much? Are you angry? no, I am not angry; holy is to be pure and to live in Me; holy is to follow Me, loving Me; holy is to be like I am; I will teach you to be holy if you are willing; I’m willing to do as You wish, since I love You. I will teach you then, daughter; remain near Me and you will learn; trust Me and have faith in Me; believe Me when I tell you that I am happy to have you near Me; you will learn, go in peace and remember, feel loved by Me; December 14, 1986 I am your Consoler; Tell me, Jesus, what good is this guidance and what for? it will lead many to Me; it will revive My children to come back to Me, and read My Word; I am your Good Shepherd who calls you to Me; believe Me daughter, look at Me, look at Me; I have revealed My Face to you; do not feel uncertain, believe in Me; have you forgotten how I work, have you not heard of My Works, do not let your era destroy you; stay, daughter, as you are; 1 do not let them convince you now that you are awake and abiding in My Light; stay near Me; Jesus, please will You stop them if they try to do this? I will; I will not let anybody destroy you; hear, all those that have ears; be watchful for the time is near; December 15, 1986 daughter, all Wisdom comes from Me, do you want Wisdom? Yes, Lord! I am going to give you Wisdom; hear Me, you will acquire Wisdom, I am the Lord Almighty and I will teach you; cling to Me and you will learn, have faith in Me; awake My children, daughter; live in Peace for every step you take, I, God, bless; full, you shall be many; 2 go in peace; December 16, 1986 It took me a day to realise what You offered me! I was amazed with myself for just 1Easy to convince me to believe just about anything! These people are called naïve in our circles. 2This means that once filled with the Holy Spirit my witnessing will draw many to God, we shall multiply.

10 True Life in God Notebooks 1-6 accepting without thinking what You were offering me! I want to thank You, Lord. peace be with you; are you realising its importance? Slowly, yes! But I’m not worthy for such a grace! you will have to acquire Wisdom; do not get discouraged though; I will teach you to earn it; you are in My Light and being in My Light you will learn; listen to My Voice, try and recognise Me; I am Jesus Christ and I am your Teacher; I have taught you to work through the Holy Spirit; I have taught you to love Me; I have poured out My Works on you to enable you to understand Me; I am your Strength; you will be given Strength to surmount your oppressors who will be many My child; (God seemed sad, and it scared me because God’s Voice suddenly became grave and sad.) Why? Why? why? because many do not believe that I work in this way too; some do not believe in Me at all; daughter, I have to warn you; 1 I am telling you this so that you are prepared and aware of these people, since they are deaf and blind and have closed their hearts; they will want to justify their cause; they will tell you that this is not Me, that all of this comes from your mind, they will feed you with venomous theories; they will find ways of showing you that you are wrong, they will let you read their theories2 to prove to you that you are wrong; so I am warning you, daughter, do not let men discourage you; do not let your era destroy you; 1God spoke very fatherly and intimately. 2Prediction that came true after a week or so. Lord, what can I do? Unless You protect me with Your Hand! I will be near you all the time; do not feel abandoned; I will teach you to be strong and you will overlook all your oppressors; I am preparing you; I will feed you to be full; have My Peace and abide in Me;  Jesus Christ

Notebook 1-6 True Life in God 11 1987 January 8, 1987 peace be with you, Vassula; it is I, Jesus; Vassula, come to Me, come and live in the middle of My Heart; Do you want me, Jesus? O I do! I eagerly want you; I want to entice you! But I’m not worth anything, I love you as you are ... be My bride, Vassula; How could I! I love you; I don’t know how to be Your bride, Jesus. I will teach you to be My bride, beloved; Do I carry a symbol for this, Lord? I will let you bear My Cross; My Cross cries out for Peace and Love; I want to make you happy, Jesus. give Me happiness by never leaving Me, give Me happiness by loving Me, give Me happiness by awakening My children; I need Your strength for all this, especially the last one! look at Me; (I looked at Him; He was radiating strength, like an aura.) I am Strength; I will help you, be blessed; Are You happy with me? I never asked You before. I am happy with you all the time I feel loved by you; I wish I could see You materialise! ask and it shall be given to you; augment your faith in Me; (I decided to show the writings to a Catholic priest here. He condemned them saying it’s the devil, and that I should stop. Jesus had asked him if he wanted to bear the Cross of Peace and Love with me. I told him that. He said it’s evil. He gave me to read: St. Michael’s prayer, and the Memorare of St. Bernard, and the Novena of confidence to the Sacred Heart; told Me to read these prayers for the following days then see what happens. 1 I did. I let my hand write and it came out: “ I, Yahweh, am guiding you. ” Four days in a row.) Lord Jesus I have done the priest’s will, I stopped writing except letting these five words come out after praying. I stopped You from writing to obey the priest. I want to ask You Lord, why, why did You ask him, since you knew what will happen and what a lot of sufferings he would give me! I am with you daughter, I asked him because I want him to learn, I want him to start to understand My Riches, I am Infinite Wealth! 1 The priest had asked me to stop writing and so I obeyed him but when I took a pencil, God used my hand again.

12 True Life in God Notebooks 1-6 “learn that I, Jesus Christ, am giving this guidance for My children; it is I, who am guiding Vassula; do not reject My given blessings; My messages cry out for Peace and Love; I want My children to fill up My sanctuaries; I want them to turn to Me, I want them to live holy; I come to shine on this dark world; I want to revive them and tell them that My Word is Alive! I want them to remember My Word which they put aside; I want to remind them how much I love them; I want to enkindle their hearts, I want to tell them to love each other as I love them; I love you, son, understand that by trying to stop Vassula you are unwillingly damaging My Church; I am the Lord Jesus Christ whom you love; I know you are doing this in good faith, but so was Saul before I came to tell him, that what he believed right, was wrong, and was persecuting Me; you believe that the charism I, Jesus, gave to My daughter is from evil; believe Me, son, do not feel frightened, for I am telling you again that it is My Will having Vassula learning from Me; she is flourishing now and later on her fruits will feed many lost souls; you will one day understand, son; 1 I, Jesus Christ, love you;” (The priest, after having read this, blamed me, saying it’s evil and divinations.) I know; narrate Me by saying to him: “divinations are for fools, inspirations are for blessed children; divinations bear no fruits, inspirations bear good fruits feeding many;” regain your courage, daughter, Wisdom awakes My children; I, God, love you; 1Prediction came true. January 21, 1987 (The priest gave me a lot of sufferings. Like God predicted to me on the 16th, he sent me pamphlets with all sorts of theories, to prove it’s evil. He also sent me, as God predicted, a theory about subconscious mind, and occultism and satanism, plus a letter telling me to destroy the writings and warn people that this was all from the evil one, for my good and for the others. I told him that I obeyed his wish to pray those three prayers and that I did not write to see the result. But I do not think he believed me, because he went to tell the other priest (who believes the writings come from God and who supports me) that the writings are satanic, and that I am not even reading the three prayers he asked me to! He alarmed a lot of other priests, so the one who supports me asked me to leave him the latest two notebooks to read. The following day, having made up his own opinion, he told me to continue writing. Yet I know the one who believes it’s evil, I know he does it because of the love of the Church, to protect the church; I only wish he would see clearer. He wants to save me too, because he believes it’s evil. I hope one day he will understand. I pray to St. Mary. What am I doing wrong?) O daughter how I pain for you; Am I doing wrong if I desire the others to love God and show them this message? no, you are doing nothing wrong; I am Mary, Mother of Sorrows; Vassula, I am near you, always; be with Us; come to Us for consolation; they do not understand Our Riches; they have closed their hearts forever, you are one of the many signs We have given them, but they do not seem to understand; God encouraged you to hear His call; Vassula, every time you bring a soul near God, God is pleased with you; My Son Jesus and I are always beside you; be careful because evil is furious with

Notebook 1-6 True Life in God 13 you; evil is trying to discourage you, their way of fighting you is to add wrong words to mislead you; remember always this and never forget it; it is their weapon against you; I am near you protecting you; Would I be able to recognise the evil? I will always tell you; trust Me; Jesus has trained you to recognise Him; Why am I attacked? I will explain this to you, My child; understand that you are being exposed in Hades, 1 beloved; your love to God is healing many strayed souls; 2 that is why you are attacked; I am near you protecting you; I have now told you this so that you may understand why you receive the wrong word; you are healing them with the love you have for Jesus and your Holy Father; Am I working in this way too? yes, you are healing them with your love; do not let men influence you to submit in their theories; every time you are told to stop writing, remember how you were unaware and living in darkness; many of our children do not recognise Our signs anymore; God has chosen you to be His bearer; please Him and hear Him; Thank you, Holy Mary, may God bless you. peace be with you; Jesus? I am; Vassula, I love you to a degree you are unable to grasp; Vassula, how I 1Purgatory. 2Our prayers to God and our love for God is used as well by God to lift souls from purgatory. At the same time, our love to God makes Him give graces to strayed souls on earth to save them. suffer to watch my children so arid; how can they forget the love I have for them? I laid out My Life for them; beloved, be near Me and feel Me; I will come to you in the appointed time to deliver you, but first you have a task to accomplish; I, God, have already revealed Wisdom to bless all mankind; O daughter, one day you will understand fully how I work; do not fear, for I, God, love you; (Later:) daughter, it is I, Jesus, I want you to read the three prayers every time before you write with Me because they keep away evil; believe Me, they are powerful prayers; do you still want to work for Me? Jesus, if I say no, what will You do? you are free to choose, do not fear, I will not take away the charism I gave you; I will always meet you to tell you how much I love you; No, Jesus, I have already said that I’m willing to work for You; why should I change my word, You remember? I am pleased with your answer, daughter; remain near Me and I will guide you; Jesus, have I hurt You anytime? yes, you have; I was hurt when you forgot how I came to save you from darkness; but I have forgiven you; I know how much you love Me; I am your Bridegroom; do not forget; do not forget either that by being My bride we share everything; Vassula, I am bearing My Cross of Peace and Love on My weary shoulders, take it, beloved, for a while; I will place it on your shoulders liberating Me from My burden; I want you near Me so that I am able to unload My Cross on

14 True Life in God Notebooks 1-6 you; I want you near Me because I know you understand how I suffer; when you will feel My Cross you will suffer too; I am your Bridegroom and I will share My sufferings too with you; I will feel rested whenever you liberate Me from My burden; before you accepted Me I was near you all the time watching every movement you made, beloved; I called you so many times, but you were unaware of My Presence; now, finally you heard Me and came to Me, why then do you doubt? (Doubts after my contact with the priest.) every time you are weak, doubting, remember what I have just told you; bear My Cross of Peace and Love and do not leave Me; come and pray with Me; (Jesus prayed with me. He was looking upwards while praying.) Jesus, You know how much I love You. I will help You carry Your Cross and unburden You. We can share It. daughter, how I always wanted to hear you tell Me this; come, beloved, let us continue our way; (Jesus was so pleased. Happy.) (Next day.) (I heard my name. Jesus was calling me incessantly. I was painting. I threw the brushes in the air, got up, ran to the desk.) Vassula, Vassula, Vassula; I, Jesus, called you; O Vassula how I love you; glorify Me; be with Me always; every time you love Me with such fervour I feel glorified; delight Me always, hearing Me like now; remember, I am with you soon; I am going to take you near Me soon, beloved, because I love you to a degree you can never imagine, but first you must deliver My Message to all nations as you are doing now, then I will soon fetch you; I will take you h ere where I am and will have you near Me forever; I, Jesus Christ, love you; I have given you this grace, Vassula, I have blessed you; I will never take away what I give; – daughter, will you revive My Church? Oh Jesus, You ask something I am unable to do for You! trust Me! I will cling on You, and depend on You entirely. You’re my Teacher. glorify Me, I will lead you; January 23, 1987 O Vassula, how I love you, come to Me, I am your Eternal Father; feel My love I have for My children! I guided you to love Me; it is I who showed you the Way; I am a God of Love, I am a God of Peace, I am God of Mercy; I am Meek; I am the Good Shepherd; I am a Forgiving Father; how could I see you lost without Me coming to your rescue? I count each one of you; the Good Shepherd will lay down His life for His sheep; I am an abyss of Forgiveness; I will never abandon you; (Later:) If I stopped writing, Jesus, what happens? Vassula, even if you stopped writing, I am always with you guiding you; I gave you this charism to meet Me in this way and teach you; I have asked you if you want to work for Me and your reply pleased Me; Vassula, I like it when you

Notebook 1-6 True Life in God 15 hesitate; you are beginning to learn to think before deciding; I am your Teacher, accept My guidance; I am guiding you to stay aware of evil seeking the ruin of souls by feeding them his vanity; I am teaching you to understand how treacherous evil can be; I will teach you to accept; I will teach you to be humble, honest with yourself, faithful to Me; I will feed you with humility; I am reminding you that I am not favouring you from others; My guidance is to teach you to improve and purify your soul; do not think for one moment that I gave you this charism because I love you more than the rest of My children; I gave you this grace to feed you and others who are in desperate need; I am the Lord Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd who watches over His flock; I come to show you the way back; I come to shine on you and give you hope; Vassula, it is true, I have assessed you before you were born; I have chosen you to be My bearer, revealing My Message to all mankind; are you hesitating because I asked you before to be My bride? Yes, Lord ... You have already accepted, remember? I know, Jesus. But on second thoughts I can’t, not that I don’t want to, but I’m not worthy to be Your bride. How! How could I have accepted just like that without realising its value! Vassula, I can teach you to become worthy of Me; Even if I’m worthy, that’s not enough. why? Because it’s not just being worthy, there is more than that. I know, to be worthy is not enough, but I will teach you to be worthy and holy; you will have to work and earn it; come, I will help you; you are going to remain My bride, a bride who needs forming; I have accepted you as you are because I love you, but you must let Me form you the way I want you to be; I will feed you to grow; I have revealed to you how evil works, delivering amounts of information; I want you to stay awake reading them carefully; learn to accept; every time I see you weak, bound to fall into traps, I will rush to your rescue, do not take My guidance as a treatment of penitence, I am guiding you so that you do not fall; I do not want to lose you; invoke Me in your prayers and pray more; January 24, 1987 Vassula, Vassula, little one, beloved of My Sacred Heart, do not fear, I love you; daughter, were you able on your own to love Me? No, Jesus. you have learned to love Me because I approached you, enlightening you; I converted you by awakening you; Vassula, do you know why I love you? No, I don’t know, Jesus. I will tell you then: I love you because you are helpless, wretched and guilty; children are My weakness; I love them because they let Me form them; Vassula, come and abide in My Sacred Heart where in its depths you will find Peace and will feel My ardent Love I have for all of you; you will be able to tell them of My Love I have for them; behold! every day that goes by, you come closer to Me!

16 True Life in God Notebook 7 January 30, 1987 peace be with you; every time you feel weak come to Me and I will give you strength; Vassula, do you know why I chose you? No, I don’t, Jesus. I will tell you then; I chose you because you are helpless and by far the most wretched from any man I know of; wretchedness attracts Me because I can console you; you are helpless and insufficient, unable of mastering any language; Lord, if I am that bad, why have you chosen me to take this guidance? have I not told you before? children are My weakness, because they let Me form them, I have chosen you to manifest My love through you, a frail flower unable to grow on its own; a flower which I found in the middle of wilderness and which I took and transplanted in My garden of delights, letting it grow under My light; all I ask from you is love; love Me and be faithful to Me; I want fidelity from you; I want every drop of love you have in your heart to fill up My Heart; I thirst for love, for I am Master of Love; so all I ask from you is to love Me; when you love someone do you not burn with desire to be with Him every second of your life? Yes, that’s true. so what more natural than giving yourself entirely to Me? come, come to Me, I am your Father; 1 I know you are helpless without Me, wretched when left by yourself, and weak on your own; let 1 Is. 9:5. Me form you so that through you I may deliver My message; O daughter, how much you will have to learn.... I know; I know I know nothing. Vassula I love you, have no doubt; I will answer your question; I do not only choose those who are My brides2 by choice, I also come and choose those who do not know Me; I come and knock on every door; I knock and wait hoping that I would be heard; Vassula, I long for every soul to receive Me and welcome Me; I love you all; I thought you prefer to be among religious souls, who make You feel always happy. Vassula, I love My religious souls and My priests and nuns as much as My other children; I love everyone including sinners and those who persecute Me; Vassula, I approach everyone irrespective to what they are and how much knowledge they have acquired in their life time; I can raise the dead with My power; I am giving you My strength to meet Me in this way; for I am Lord and the smaller you are, the easier I can handle; you know quite well that I suffice by Myself; your insufficiency will glory My suffice; your wretchedness is of little account in My eyes, leave yourself to Me and let My hands form you; I have not chosen someone of authority for My Authority suffices in itself; My appeal for Peace and Love will come through you showing My Mercy to all mankind; I will manifest Myself through you; I ask nothing of My children that they have not already; if they have but faults and sins let them give them to Me and I will purify them, I will unburden them, I will forgive them, I will not blame them, I will only love them; I love all those who fall and come 2Nuns.

Notebook 7 True Life in God 17 to Me asking for forgiveness, I love them still more; I will never reject them even if they fall millions of times; I will be there to forgive them and wash in My Blood their iniquities; never will I weary in pardoning them for I am a God of Love and Mercy, I am full of pity for the weak; My Heart is Holy and an abyss of Forgiveness; do no more, daughter; I love you, trust Me Vassula and all I have to say will be written; (Later on:) do you know that I am happy to have you near Me? I, Jesus, love you from the depths of My Heart and because of this love I have for you, evil hates you; they will be setting traps for you, I will be near you to warn you; I do not want to fall! I will not see you fall; I will be near you to sustain your falls; I do not understand why the messages were given before my ‘formation’. Vassula, I, God, gave you My messages so that many would profit from them; if you only knew how valuable souls are to me; 1 I know what you have in mind, I will answer your question; hear Me, I have come to you to give My message of Peace and Love, I have chosen a mere child, unfit for My task, helpless and small without prestige, a nothing, to manifest through you My passionate love and teach those that still do not understand the riches of My Heart; I suffer to watch My teachers so withdrawn from what is heavenly and their indifference they give to My blessings; for charism is a blessing; how their hearts have become coarse, leading 1 It seemed like God did not want to spare a minute. to spiritual deafness and aridity; once more I come appealing for Peace and Love, but how many more will reject Me? how many more of you will not respond? how many of you, especially My teachers, would turn away their eyes in the other direction looking for Me? O men of little faith how little do you know Me! have you forgotten that I am Infinite Wealth? why are you surprised at the kind of instruments I use? My power is great and limitless and I will let My words be known through wretched souls.... Vassula, many will ask Me for a sign, that this guidance comes from Me; but the sign that I will give is you; I have delivered you from evil awakening you; I raised you up and lifted you to My Heart, pouring on you many of My works; accept what I give you, for Wisdom is leading you; Vassula, I love you; little one, you are Mine; daughter, give Me love and give Me rest; let Me rest in your heart; accept Me, Vassula, do not deny Me; Vassula do you know how many years I was waiting for you to accept Me? oh how alienated you were from My Heart, have I ever told you how I felt then? I do not really remember, Jesus. I will tell you; I have been fearing for you, you had drifted away from Me and My Heart was utterly torn with sorrow; Vassula, how then could you resist My appeal, beloved? I have been waiting for so many years; Vassula, accept My love; My love heals you; It’s not that I refuse You, Jesus, it’s just that I feel more comfortable to give and love rather than receive. I think You know me. (I felt sad, because I hurt Jesus without willing. Jesus immediately felt this.)