True Life in God Messages

12 True Life in God Notebooks 1-6 “learn that I, Jesus Christ, am giving this guidance for My children; it is I, who am guiding Vassula; do not reject My given blessings; My messages cry out for Peace and Love; I want My children to fill up My sanctuaries; I want them to turn to Me, I want them to live holy; I come to shine on this dark world; I want to revive them and tell them that My Word is Alive! I want them to remember My Word which they put aside; I want to remind them how much I love them; I want to enkindle their hearts, I want to tell them to love each other as I love them; I love you, son, understand that by trying to stop Vassula you are unwillingly damaging My Church; I am the Lord Jesus Christ whom you love; I know you are doing this in good faith, but so was Saul before I came to tell him, that what he believed right, was wrong, and was persecuting Me; you believe that the charism I, Jesus, gave to My daughter is from evil; believe Me, son, do not feel frightened, for I am telling you again that it is My Will having Vassula learning from Me; she is flourishing now and later on her fruits will feed many lost souls; you will one day understand, son; 1 I, Jesus Christ, love you;” (The priest, after having read this, blamed me, saying it’s evil and divinations.) I know; narrate Me by saying to him: “divinations are for fools, inspirations are for blessed children; divinations bear no fruits, inspirations bear good fruits feeding many;” regain your courage, daughter, Wisdom awakes My children; I, God, love you; 1Prediction came true. January 21, 1987 (The priest gave me a lot of sufferings. Like God predicted to me on the 16th, he sent me pamphlets with all sorts of theories, to prove it’s evil. He also sent me, as God predicted, a theory about subconscious mind, and occultism and satanism, plus a letter telling me to destroy the writings and warn people that this was all from the evil one, for my good and for the others. I told him that I obeyed his wish to pray those three prayers and that I did not write to see the result. But I do not think he believed me, because he went to tell the other priest (who believes the writings come from God and who supports me) that the writings are satanic, and that I am not even reading the three prayers he asked me to! He alarmed a lot of other priests, so the one who supports me asked me to leave him the latest two notebooks to read. The following day, having made up his own opinion, he told me to continue writing. Yet I know the one who believes it’s evil, I know he does it because of the love of the Church, to protect the church; I only wish he would see clearer. He wants to save me too, because he believes it’s evil. I hope one day he will understand. I pray to St. Mary. What am I doing wrong?) O daughter how I pain for you; Am I doing wrong if I desire the others to love God and show them this message? no, you are doing nothing wrong; I am Mary, Mother of Sorrows; Vassula, I am near you, always; be with Us; come to Us for consolation; they do not understand Our Riches; they have closed their hearts forever, you are one of the many signs We have given them, but they do not seem to understand; God encouraged you to hear His call; Vassula, every time you bring a soul near God, God is pleased with you; My Son Jesus and I are always beside you; be careful because evil is furious with