True Life in God Messages

178 True Life in God Notebook 20 1988 January 1, 1988 My God. I Am; take My Hand, take now My other Hand and walk! (This was once before said, giving me the same vision of God taking both of my hands when I was supposed to go forward into a new theme.) walk! walk, beloved, advance! do not fear; I have nominated you My bearer not only for one part of My creation, but the entire; Vassula, wait and you shall see; I have not yet come close enough to the middle of My Message; I can work without you, Vassula, but I delight sharing My Works with you, flower; I am God and I Suffice by Myself; every new step you take, I bless, so advance, beloved, advance with Me, go forward; Lord Almighty, help me to advance since it’s Your Will. I can’t alone. As usual I will ask You to carry me. I’m incapable of whatsoever. Vassula, I will help you, for I am your Strength; January 2, 1988 Lord Almighty, preserve us from falling into error, because it can be devastating, wiping out entire nations, only by committing one error, like in the Beginning. yes, Vassula, fear this Plague, for Error is a contaminating Plague; My God, I have read somewhere that the reason the Church might be reluctant accepting private revelations is because all that there is to know is already in the Bible, so they do not accept any new revelation; I mean not new as theme, but new, apart from the Bible. Going out of this brings fear upon them, thinking the new or private revelation might lead them astray. Vassula, when I see My creation bound to fall into My enemy’s pit, would I just sit and watch them fall without wanting to rush to their rescue? do you remember when I healed a dropsical man on a Sabbath? what had I asked the Pharisees? Lord, I have to check the Bible. fetch then My Word; (I did, and checked Luke 14:1-6.) yes, daughter, I asked, “is it against the Law to cure a man on the Sabbath or not?” they did not answer; I said, “which of you here, if his son falls into a well, or ox, will not pull him out on a Sabbath day without hesitation?” and to this day they could find no answer; 1 today I am asking those who refuse this revelation this question: “is it against My Law in your era to save My creation from falling by My Providential Works of today?” Vassula, I am Jesus and Jesus means Saviour; 1 This is a symbolic sentence for our era.