True Life in God Messages

Notebook 107 True Life in God 1101 a land they themselves turned into obscurity to hide their evil doings; I am ever so present in your ‘days of pathos’, 1 for the worldly ambitions you are running after and that do not lead you to Me; but here I am; here is your God, on the doorstep of your heart; here I am, shining brighter than a thousand constellations put together, as you often say, daughter, to give light to your feet and guide them into the way of peace; see? My ways are not the human ways; My Presence is Light and My Light disturbs Darkness; Darkness is now at war with the Light and wishes that the Light becomes extinct and give you no more daylight; but I am like an everlasting bright Sun that never sets to array you all in My magnificence; as I have said before, go, you who suckled on My kingly Riches and keep announcing the Kingdom to the nations and that I am your Saviour in whom all glory dwells; that I am your Redeemer and no one else; go and proclaim to the ashes and turn them into gold that they will find their freedom in Me, who am the Light; go and tell them how you yourself was caught and caged as a dove, but how I, in My tender Mercy came and broke the cage 2 and gave you your liberty; I freed you from the evil one and anointed you giving the unction of My Kiss on your forehead sealing you as Mine ... go and comfort and console My people, in My Name, embellish My gardens, giving them the true Knowledge of salvation; adorn the heart of My sanctuaries; 3 every day of your life, generation, My grace is being revealed and as I shine on the whole human race to bring it to make peace with Me and neighbour, so 1 The Lord used a Greek word. ‘Pathos’ means ‘passion’, the opposite of dispassion. ‘Pathi’ is plural = ‘passions’. 2 In a message given in the very beginning. 3 Our Lord means ‘souls’. will they too shine amongst themselves if they only would listen to Me; I am your Liberator, My Vassula, and I have blossomed you as well as others through these Odes, just as the roses that grow on the bank of a watercourse, and as Scriptures say: “give off a sweet smell like incense, flower like the lily, spread your fragrance abroad, sing a song of praise, blessing Me for all My divine work and declare the greatness of My Name!” 4 this is what you have as task; do not fear in doing all these things in My Name for I am joined with you; Love is with you and on your side all the moments of your life; be one;  I Am; January 10, 2003 The Grace of the Holy Spirit is given to us daily; yes, there is a long journey in front of us to reach our goal and be reunited with the angels; but are we not daily sated with Divine Love? can anybody say that we were not called to become gods by participation? can anyone deny of having heard our Bridegroom invite us to enter the wedding chamber of His Heart? Have you not been invited to this wedding and sated with the mystic cup? can you really say to God, that you have not received ineffable blessings, blessings that transcend any glory? 4 Si. 39:14-15.