True Life in God Messages

True Life in God Notebook 102 1050 2001 January 20, 2001 (Unity Week.) Lord, why have You blinded so many to Your Works? Is it because of their stubborn refusal to repent and reconcile? Teach me, and pronounce Your Will .... ah, My child ... My Will is that you work with love in the light of My Spirit! My Spirit today more than ever is crying out for reconciliation among My shepherds; to be saved, everyone should repent and reconcile; let each shepherd examine his path; “think of the love My Father, I and the Holy Spirit lavish on you, every moment of your life, shepherd ...” ah, daughter, do not imagine that I am not aware of the demands of the mission I have entrusted you with; to unite My House is not an easy task, let alone to revive it! but take heart because you are not alone; I am with you; do not get discouraged by those who do not perceive My Plan in you, I have taken away the sight from those who claim, “we see,” and given sight to those who could not see; be a model of unity to the rest of the world and bring forth, through your sacrifices, reconciliation among brothers; Satan has taken to himself to wage war on My Church; with violence he is attacking what I have bought with My Own Blood; he keeps My Church divided, cursing every faithful heart who professes the Truth and My Law; many of you who belong to the Church are looting it today; you loot by refusing to recognise My Body in the Eucharist, and partake of My Divine Mystery in the manner I truly instituted; you are looting My House when it comes to measure the magnificence of My Divinity and My Presence in the Eucharist; you are looting My House in many other ways; Scriptures never lie and cannot be rejected, but you reject parts of it, looting it in that way too; in My Church, I have given it to enrich it apostles, I have raised and given it prophets, teachers, and after these, miracles, the gift of healing and various other gifts; but you are plundering My House, you are looting it today; My Eyes are too pure to rest on this rebellion; so do not be surprised when I call; do not be surprised when I, in My Infinite Benevolence and Mercy, descend all the way to you, creation, to look at the window of your hearts; do not be surprised, that in spite of your awesome wretchedness, I am offering you a rich banquet unmeritedly, and that with royal prodigality and majesty I come to vest you with Myself, so that when My Angels will lead you into the eternal joys of heaven and into Our courts, you will be recognised as the flesh of My Flesh, the bone of My Bone; the Verdict then will be announced: “according to the life this soul led while on earth, she is worth the heavenly dowry of a bride, since she remained faithful to The Bride; 1 this soul, in spite of all the trials I have been sending her, rocking her like a ship taken in a tempest, she cleaved to Me and remained attached to Me as an oyster is attached on a rock; by remaining thus 1 The Church: Bride of Christ as well.