True Life in God Messages

Notebook 102 True Life in God 1051 attached to The Bride 1 and to Me, the Bridegroom, 2 she shared in My Divinity; her union with My Spirit crystallised her, transforming her to be godlike; 3 and like the sun, her rays illuminated her, because she possessed Me within herself; the glory of My deified sons and daughters here in heaven is now hers as well; this is the dowry she will receive from the Bridegroom Himself; He is the Dowry ... come, come and share the joys of heaven and of God Himself for ever and ever!” oh, if you knew, generation, how many times I have yielded My Royal Sceptre ... how I long to say to each soul: “beloved, come, step into the path of your permanent Home, the only true dwelling and the only True Resting Place for your soul; come and step into the nuptial chamber of My Heart; I invite you to follow the road of virtues which lead to Me; as a tender Bridegroom, I will adorn your soul with My Treasures, but foremost, I will adorn your soul with My Divinity; I will adorn you like a queen, 4 majestically with My Name and with My very Presence; I will turn your soul into a living altar, into a permanent hymn hymned to Me, your God; I, the great King, the One who is beyond nature, will mingle with your soul so that you and I become one; “on your own you can do nothing, this is why My Presence, which is pure Light is indispensable to illumine by grace your whole body; and as I reveal Myself to My angels I will reveal Myself to you through this light, and only then, you will be able to say: ‘I can see ...’ 1 The Church. 2 Jesus Christ. 3 God by participation. 4 When Christ speaks of souls, He refers to the soul in feminine; the term Christ used as “queen” comes to the same explanation. then, I will make Myself known to you; I will converse with you, and you with Me; the Triune God by nature will lean all the way to converse with the one I re-created and who became by grace a god born of Me; an adoptive heir of My Kingdom; you who are so weak and so corruptible if you truly repent looking at your so deplorable soul, I can make you similar to My Perfect Image;” My work and My plan which is the splendour of your so wicked times, is to draw all souls into My Sacred Heart; then all My Glory will be revealed to them in this Heart and all humanity will see It together; yes, indeed, My intention is to draw all of you in the wake of My Glory; from thereon I will be your portion, your delight, your Bridegroom vested with My Glory; and as a bridegroom who delights in his bride, in our espousals I will whisper in your ear: “and now come and bless your Lord of all things, the Maker of great deeds is everywhere; come close to Me, for I am your protector and your support; My loving bride, who consented to hear Me, may you rejoice in Me, your Lord; may I remain in your heart like blended incense, and may My Words taste 5 as sweet as honey in your mouth when you eat them; let them be like music in your ear, My beloved;” I will then reveal to you the treasures I had kept for your generation: I will offer you the treasure of My Mercy, instructing you that in My Mercy, Words coming from My Mouth are uttered; by My Words I raise the spiritually dead, I reform the apostate, I heal the sick and free the captives, My Mouth is like a sharp sword; I form through My Mercy with My Word, prophets, who will plague those who live in darkness, but will console My people; through My Mercy I open the 5 In a figurative way, one can ‘eat’ God’s Words.