True Life in God Messages

Notebook 102 True Life in God 1049 and His whole creation in His Divine Light; O Lord and God, by Your Hands You have created all things with majesty and splendour; with joy and ripples of laughter You fashioned everything, filling all things with graces, but the devil in his jealousy deprived us of these graces, even of life; he deprived us of Your Light until You came, Saviour and Redeemer to deliver us; Lord of lords, unction of our soul, Light thrice holy, You deified Your divine Body while on earth through Your Resurrection, turning It spiritual and incorruptible; You conquered all material things of the earth; You triumphed over Death; You created a Revelation1 for all eternity; Lover of mankind, You are the living God who gave us Your Bride2 in which She upholds the Truth and keeps it safe; ah, Light thrice holy, You were made visible in flesh, to show us the Father; the Father who is in You and that You are in Him;’ “so do not ask, generation, what will the triumph be like; the triumph will be when in the end the whole of the creation will come into a transforming union of love with Me, and be one, crying out in one voice: ‘Jesus is the Christ! Jesus is Lord!’” I am the King, as you have said, daughter; I am King, as the Holy Spirit whispered in your ear to declare it... so while you are still in exile, sacrifice more of yourself and remain united to Your Divine Brother; bear with silence all the ordeals inflicted on you, you are not alone to bear them, I am with you, My dove; bear them for My sake; you are covering many sinners through your trials; rejoice! for I have given you an 1The Holy Bible. 2The Church. abundance of graces to be with Me in this way; see? let this be sufficient to replace all your sorrows and sufferings; let your King now rejoice in you; come; ic;