Notebook 8
True Life in God
Love and Life in Itself and from It came
all into being;
Vassula, do no more; I love you; trust
Me, let your love cover My Heart, unite;
love and work with Me;
I will, Father. Help me be worthy so that I
may be able to glorify you.
February 26, 1987
(Beatrice and I flew to Chittagong and
from there crossed the river to find the
village Diang where we could meet
Raymond Dujarrier who is a French, semi-
hermit, mystic, Catholic priest, but also
Hindu, Moslem and Buddhist. All in one. To
exchange a few ideas and show him the
He called them: Divine
Revelations of the Heart. What he said
corresponded very much to the idea of the
revelations and their purpose: that they
are not for me only but for the benefit of
others. Our whole trip went on perfectly
smooth as if someone had programmed it. I
forgot to mention that the day before our
departure for Diang I had a feeling of great
distress and was asking myself why I am
going to Diang, to show what, to show
rubbish? The whole day passed in agony.
Then early the same day of our departure
the first words appeared: “A liar was
guiding you, collect everything and burn
it.” I knew then that evil from the day
before was trying to stop my trip. A few
seconds after this message I felt God’s
presence and He wrote: “
I will be with you
till the end, we are united forever; let My
Light shine on you child; I am Yahweh
guiding you; glorify Me by loving Me;
March 1, 1987
(Today, several times a day, Jesus told me,
while I discerned Him around me:
weary of writing;
Vassula, I desire that My words be
known by many; words that come
directly from My lips, for all the
revelations I breathed into you are from
Me; I work in this way too; now and then
I come and refresh all that has already
been taught by Me; I am your Saviour,
always near you, always ready to
withdraw you from evil; I come hoping
that My word will penetrate hearts and
rest in them;
Vassula will you amend for others?
What does amend mean here exactly,
amend means to compensate for others,
who give no response to My love; repair
for others; all you do is love Me with all
your heart and mind;
I love You! but I want to learn to love You
without measure to be able to amend more.
come, I will teach you; have I ever been
known not to keep My word? daughter, I
am your Teacher and from Me you will
learn everything; I will progress you;
I am unworthy of all what You give me, I
know for a fact when I compare myself to
the humble and the so dedicated people. I
am not proud of myself for having been
chosen as the most wretched person, and
much worse than the next worst one, to be
given this guidance. I know that I have not
been chosen for my qualities. On the
contrary, I have been chosen because of my
wretchedness. You have confirmed it, Lord!
have My peace, Vassula; wretched you
are, but I love you anyway; give Me all
your wretchedness and My Mercy will
consume it; feel loved by Me; come, lean
on Me; hear Me; keep Me company; do
not forget that I am your Holy
© Vassula Rydén
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