True Life in God Messages

788 True Life in God Notebook 76 1995 January 3, 1995 Love is by your side; you are weak, but in your weakness I am extolled;  January 7, 1995 (Orthodox Epiphany) My God, Yahweh, Eternal Father, You who so patiently wait for our conversion, come! Come and feed all of us with Celestial Food to satisfy our needs; You are known to have a generous Hand, Righteous One, come and save us! Turn the wicked man’s heart into a kind heart so that he too shall assert Your greatness. Yahweh, My Tenderhearted Dad, the world does not yet know You entirely, not the way You really are and only with a demonstration of the power of Your Holy Spirit shall mankind realise the greatness of Your Name and extol Your splendour of Your glory. Yahweh, Father of each one of us, let mankind learn Your acts of mercy, tenderness and graciousness; remind them Father, that the majestic glory of Your Kingdom belongs to them too were they to have the right heart. I have passed on Your Words to every nation You have sent me and I followed Your command. I have, within my limits, made Your Loving Portrait known to them again, the way You revealed It to me, so that they too rejoice and realise that they are Your offspring and Your seed. I followed Your instructions and reminded them that they too are from royal descent. Holy Father, as You are continuously sending me out to proclaim Your Love Hymn, by voice, as an echo, to share Your Love Song with my brothers and sisters, I pray for those who still are unaware and living in a world of oblivion and darkness, that Your Holy Spirit may shine as a thousand suns in one in their spirit. Yes, let Your Holy Spirit, who outshines all the constellations put together, turn every soul as an untarnished mirror, an image of goodness, before they disappear as though they had never existed. Once restored, they too will go out with zeal in perfect virtue, to proclaim a visible image of Your Splendour and Your Sovereignty, for they would have acknowledged what is most divine.