True Life in God Messages

668 True Life in God Notebook 64 witness the revival of My Sacred Heart so that you could give your testimony; to be the sacrifice of the One who takes your sins away is a privilege; I accept the testimony you are giving Me in My Spirit; so what you are seeing with your own eyes is the fulfilment of your times; January 17, 1993 (Eve of Unity Week - Los Angeles) Lord, I pray as You have prayed: may we all be one, as the Father is in You and You in Him, so that the rest of the world may believe it was the Father who sent You; for this I pray too, for the sheep who are not of Your Fold, that they too will listen to Your Voice, I pray for the Moslems, the Jews and others that they may come to love You from today onwards. Amen I have heard you, I have heard you, My friend; in the end everyone will worship Me;  January 18, 1993 (Sacramento) (Today is my birthday and the first day of Unity week. It was also once the Feast of Peter's Chair. Today I have been invited to speak at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament by the very holy bishop Francis A Quinn. In the afternoon just before my meeting, the people who invited me offered me a present. When I saw it I felt that it came from Jesus. For He had said to me these words on October 21, 1992: ... “rejoice and exult for to you in turn My Cup I will pass ... I mean to bring nation after nation to live under My shadow, and believe that the Father sent Me; yes, the Day will come when all the earthly rulers, the governors and the men of influence, the whole population, will recognise Me as the Christ, Son of the Living God; and from every place, men will lift their hands up reverently in prayer and worship, all in one voice and heart...” and this is what they offered me: a gold-plated Chalice. Engraved on it are these words: That they all may be one Feast of Christian Unity January 18 1993 Then the two bishops that were present celebrated Mass after my talk. The choir sang in the cathedral and everything was majestic. They used my Chalice during that Mass for Unity, consecrating the Precious Blood of Jesus inside it. When I was giving my talk in the Cathedral, and was looking at the crowds that had amassed, an estimated 1800 people, I felt sad. There I was, sent by the Lord, to give a speech on Unity and facing perhaps 98% Roman Catholics; “but of the men of my people 1 not one was with me”; there were even Moslems and Jews in the Cathedral .... But the Lord kept His surprise gift for my birthday till later on. – Just before Mass, in walks an Orthodox priest with his assistant. After Mass he asked to talk to me. We met at the sacristy and I understood what the Lord was saying to Me: “Russia will be the country who will glorify Me most.” He was a Russian Orthodox priest ... In the darkness of our division a tiny light of hope will shine of unity. This little light of hope is Russia. Unity will come through Russia and she will glorify God! I 1 Greek Orthodox. (I heard that the Greek bishop had forbidden the Greek Orthodox to come to my meeting.)