True Life in God Messages

Notebook 104 True Life in God 1073 2002 January 7, 2002 My peace I give to you, My flower; do you want to say something to Me? Yes, Jesus, I want to say something to You. Am I Your athlete? 1 Please, do not disregard my question. I am not going to disregard your question; I could detect from your expression that you have finally understood that I have indeed engaged you into a battle; yes, you are My athlete; I am your Trainer and I have trained you to be one, have I not? Then, let me be an athlete of an untameable zeal for Your House; let it be then that through your mouth My Words resound now and for generations to come; My Words will stop the impudent, the scholars and impious expressions of all those who have to this day not discovered Me but rely on their own strength; just because they have the speech of a rhetorician, does not mean it would elevate them into the hidden mysteries of the Holy Spirit! ah, Vassula, My daughter, you see, it is not a light burden to carry the Cross of Unity; I had to form someone into an athlete who would run with Me, denying herself from all of the attractive things that would delay this race; I have formed you to be an athlete to enable you to devote your heart and mind in keeping pace with Me and not have your feet making slow progress; 1This word came to me by inspiration. I once asked: “who can endure pain, calumny, set-backs, spittle and persecution? who can supply My people, My Church, indefatigably with all the Knowledge she will acquire from Holy Wisdom and be at everyone’s availability at the same time? who would be obedient to My Will and My Commandments and discern falsehood from truth and what is right from wrong? who would express herself as I would have expressed Myself and acquiesce to many of My orders? who would sermonise in a royal and melodious way My Words, kindling the hearts of My people? and who would patiently bear every tribulation and every scourge when witnessing on the mystical union between Me and My creatures? to endure and accomplish all of this I would need to find an impoverished soul, weak and frail; in this sort of poverty I find breadth and width, height and depth to fill in this vast space My prodigious Wealth; in her weakness I will be her superabundant Strength and her Royal Authority; in her frailty I will be her ineffable Munificence;” so in My gracious condescension I deigned to choose you, train you and form you into an athlete; now I have the satisfaction of seeing you eager to please Me by willing to go into the battlefield, come always and seek Me spontaneously anytime; I am your Brother, your kin; I, who am the radiant light of the Father’s glory and the perfect copy of His divine nature, bless you;