True Life in God Messages

True Life in God Notebook 99 1018 Scriptures say: “happy the man whom You choose, whom You invite to live in Your courts;” 1 yes, happy is he, for I fill My chosen one with good things of My House and these good things are holy instructions coming from My Mouth; I then adorn My prophet with celestial riches and splendour which are the virtues; My temple I want holy and pure, My altar I want unblemished and sparkling like a thousand gems; I turn his tongue like a double-edged sword to go out and speak against all pride and arrogance, against all the lofty speakers, against all human pride, against all that is highly thought of by men, against injustice and against all that contradicts My Law of Love; I take pleasure in My dwelling place2 for My Spirit rests on him who is to borne My Word; wedded with the Truth, My prophet is sent out as My royal ambassador in every vile corner of this earth to hymn to you: righteousness, kindness, holiness, virtue and reminding all of you of My Ways; reminding every man from all ranks that: - Unction of the poor in spirit, I Am; - Guarantor of your well-being, I Am; - Luminous Godhead and Source of Sublime Love, I Am; - Sovereign and Bridegroom of all creation, I Am; - Restorer and Lamp of body and soul, I Am; - Consoler of the persecuted in the cause of right, I Am; - Balm and Ointment of the sick and the dying, I Am; and that I am your Lord and God but your Friend, your Companion and your Father as well; I am, generation, ceaselessly giving Myself to you, to perfect your image which you have so deformed and sullied 1Ps. 65:4. 2 “Dwelling place” is used instead of the word “prophet”. by all your evil doings, your sins and your obstinate resistance to acknowledge Me as your Father; and if I am ceaselessly giving Myself to you, it is so as to elevate you by grace and that through grace your sight may be restored to see the invisible things that never wear out; this is why I am raising prophets in My good Will with one utterance from My Mouth to join them to My Heart; I, the Luminous Godhead, had anticipated long before your creation this Great Apostasy; have I no right then to raise prophets? all heaven rejoices since in Our gracious condescension We took pity on your apathy; I have raised prophets to receive directly and at all times My celestial calls accompanied by a flow of graces; I share with them, in the proximity of their heart, all My Divine Works; I have and am, breathing inspirations from My Heart in their heart so that they faithfully testify; and if I scandalise through them many haughty people, it is because their3ways are not My ways; through My zeal for saving this generation, I have raised prophets and espoused them to Me; I taught them how to spend their time with Me, and how to share their life with Me while still on earth, according to the grace I have given them; in these days I am descending together with My Son and My Holy Spirit as three Witnesses; I am Spirit, 4 in that I send My Holy Spirit of Truth5 to be with you forever and lead you to the complete Truth; think of My Mercy and worship Me; 3The haughty people. 4 Jn. 4:24. St. Paul too in 1 Co. 15:45 speaks of Christ as “life-giving Spirit”. The description “Spirit” in the biblical sense does not define God’s nature so much as it describes His life-giving activity. God is Spirit in that He gives the Spirit. 5Jn. 14:17.