True Life in God Messages

Notebook 99 True Life in God 1017 2000 February 12, 2000 From Your Palace, Yahweh my King, but Father as well, You watered me until my parched land has had all that Your Heavens have to offer; You use the winds as messengers and fiery flames as servants to proclaim to every race Your Glory and the greatness of Your Name; Yes! and I will continue to recite Your marvels one by one in poetry, for I have committed myself to You .... 1peace, My child; all I have given you comes from Holy Wisdom; this is the way I have always worked with My prophets; I spoke and they believed; bathed constantly in My Light they dwell in My Will; knowing their human frailty, My Eyes, as a mother who watches over her babe, watch over My chosen ones to keep them away from transgressing into worldly inclinations; then in My great benevolence, but with delight as well, I grant them special favours to prepare them for their task, a task that is usually beyond their human capacity; I grant them My protection, sheltering them underneath My wings, 2 and you who I have raised for a purpose and on whom I have engraved My Holy Name, I will supply you with all the needs to make the lions and the dragons roar from fear, for they will know that I Am is with you; 1Yahweh speaks. 2An expression only. My all-powerful Hand does not lack means of protection, so to protect My Holy Name engraved on you now, I have you encircled with My Arms, just as one encircles his property with a fence from intruders, I have you encircled; what champion can dare come now to confront Me and challenge My choice? Prodigy Himself stooped from above to enliven this dying generation, showing My Sovereign power, but mercy as well through My Divine Work in you in a most ineffable manner; I have poured drop by drop, like distilled myrrh, My Wisdom into your ear to open your hearing; ah, 3 what delights I gathered while performing this prodigy of prodigies! what divine pleasure I obtained from My benevolent act of Mercy, foreseeing that restoration was close at hand! what joy and gladness filled My Heart while I was freeing you from your misery and from the bondage of evil, drawing you near Me instead to become a child who will ever be at play with Me; then so as to fix your eyes on My royal dignity and that you commemorate our espousals for ever, I placed the sweetest kisses upon those lips which would glorify My Name, increasing your attention on My supreme sweetness, and so that I hear you say: “the Lord God has espoused me, adorning my soul with Himself, oh how very pleasing it is to our Lord when a soul is supple and willing, for His impenetrable Wisdom will find its way in her4 and draw her ever completely in Him;” 3God seemed delighted as He said ‘ah’. 4The soul.