True Life in God Messages

994 True Life in God Notebook 96 January 20, 1999 (The Lord gave me a vision: I saw some young boys between 8-10 years of age playing in a very dangerous and foolish way. They were walking on the edge of a ledge which surrounded a tall building of about seven floors high. Some of the boys were hiding behind a water pipe-line as though playing hide and seek, all of these games were played from outside the building. Below them were meters of void. Another boy even jumped from his window to just barely make it to the neighbouring building in the window. I shut my eyes, not bearing the thought that I might see one of them miss his step, slip and fall. Considering the height, the fall would be deadly. I was frightened for them and I could not understand why they risked so much their life by playing so dangerously, then I understood why they were fearless. It was because they were not seeing, understanding and realising the danger.) Vassula, I give you My peace in this week of unity; I, God, have called you to a life of peace; so what have you seen, daughter? what have you observed? have you heard Me say before these words: “do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; fear him rather who can destroy both body and soul in hell;” let Me reveal to you this vision: the boys you have seen are some of those who are near you and who had been once prompted by the Spirit to follow My Messages and had offered their help too; today Satan is sifting them and has led them without them realising to play dangerous games; if they fall, their soul would be fatally wounded; but if they listen to My Spirit they will put an end to their misdeeds and they will live; well? what was the supreme law I had given you in Scriptures? was it not: “you must love your neighbour as yourself?” to this day all those1 you have seen in the vision I have given you, think they are righteous, but if they are, let them show it by their good will with humility and graciousness in their actions and by their love for one another; some of them had shown no respect for those who are poor and no respect for the one I chose to bear My Words2 and carry My Interests; and yes! like in the vision, were you to warn them they would not listen .... and in the meantime like you, in your vision, I too, tremble with fear for their fall could be fatal! My children, who were called and prompted by the Spirit are now yielding to temptations, yet, were they to allow My Holy Spirit to be their guide, they will be in no danger; for this they need to come to Me and repent; they should not abuse My goodness and My tolerance, but they should take these instead to lead them to repentance and they will be forgiven and they will not lose My Heart; I promise that anyone who decides to do good, giving Me honour and will make peace with Me and neighbour, he will obtain peace and will come to realise that in their weakness and in their sleep they were led astray; I want no more trouble from anybody; nor should anyone delude himself into thinking he is righteous, I repeat My warning, do not delude yourselves into thinking you are righteous; when one works or has decided to work for Me they should follow Me in My Footprints bearing My Cross wholeheartedly and with honour and joy; when this is done with goodwill they will be properly rewarded for all the work that had been done well in My Name; 1The Lord made them known to me by name. 2True Life in God.