True Life in God Messages

Notebook 96 True Life in God 991 intervention, to prepare them and give them entirely to you all, to admonish you; through My Word I let them know My Will; My prophets are those who by grace are nourished directly from My Mouth and by placing My Word directly into their mouth; they come to all of you still dripping with heavenly dew and their words fall on you like refreshing rain; My prophets’ words, that come with My direct intervention are like a sword, to drive the apostatised to repentance, giving Me honour and glory; their words flare like a torch in the darkness of your soul; many of their bones flourish again from the tomb; 1 if any one asks: “why is our Lord emphasising the place of His prophets?” tell them this: “our Lord says, ‘do not go round My words in order to justify your rationalism; renounce your sin and be happy; may your souls rejoice in the Mercy of your Lord; 2 do not persecute My prophets, for they are My angels consoling with My Word all of you; their function is to warn you and to lead all of you to repentance,’” so now is the time of repentance; renounce your sin and find favour with Me; ah, Vassula, I brought a seed out of Egypt, to plant it where My enemy took 1 I understood that prophets will never end being sent to us; also the fact that the prophet Elijah never died but was taken up, symbolises that prophecy will never die. 2 To persecute and condemn God’s intervention is a mortal sin because they are condemning His Mercy. What is written here below is taken from S. Catherine of Siena. The Father dictates to her: “Men are continually being scandalised by My Works, which are all just, and all performed in truth through love and mercy. With this false judgment, and with the poison of envy and pride, the Works of My Son were slandered and unjustly judged, and with lies did His enemies say: ‘This man works by virtue of Beelzebub.’ Thus wicked men, standing in self-love, impurity, pride and avarice and founded in envy, and in perverse rashness with impatience are for ever scandalised at Me and My servants…” away the earth’s supply of food; with tenderness and care I cleared a space for it, I anointed it, and planted it; anxious to save My people from ruin I fertilised its soil; it took root and grew into a tree; its branches stretched as far as the sea; its fruit, abundant and succulent; although it was visited often with thunder, hurricanes and fiery tempests, it did not waver; within three years and a few days My enemy trembled and shuddered; blazing with anger, heavy with threats, he raised an army to sift its fruits with the sieve of destruction, to harness them in a bridle; but I gathered each one of them and hid them in My Heart; often as men have attacked My tree they have never overcome it, for My Triune Blessing was on it; ah .... and how often ploughmen have set to work on its back, making furrows to break it, but My right Hand shattered their yoke, throwing them all into confusion; how blessed the nations that will find shelter under its branches and eat its fruit which I sealed with My Holy Spirit! – the Word of Life was given to you freely so that you, in your turn, My Vassula, give it freely to the dying; woe to those who stretch their hand with fire to destroy what has been planted by Me! I will continue to cover you with My sweetness, graciously deploying in you like a sweet substance so that the whole world would taste My sweetness; let your accusers pass away like a fading shadow; I, the Lover of mankind, your Lord and your God, ask to kiss you with the kisses of My Mouth, 3 perfuming you to remain delightful in My Sight; be good;  3 Sg. 1:2.