True Life in God Messages

950 True Life in God Notebook 92 I, Jesus, intend to remain in your country and sanctify it; for this, I ask you all to consecrate your country to Our Two Hearts; be loyal to Me and be one in My Name; I bless you, ah, little children;  February 25, 1998 Yahweh, make my love so intertwined in Yours that You would say: “welcome to My House!” I claim that love is intertwined with Your Divine Will as well, and that understanding Your Words alone, is insufficient, unless we act on Them too, my Lord. My Vassula, the shadow of death looming over your generation, a shadow that can plunge it into the deepest abyss, is covering a good part of it now; woe to those who ensconce so snugly, feeling safe now; these are the ones who play God and say: “Yahweh has no power over us”; confidently sitting on their throne they declare that none can equal them, is there any need to say more? love is missing from within them.... I will speak and you will write; pray that My sayings will clearly ring in the ears of everyone; I have entrusted you with the noblest of My Works in your times; this Divine Work is placed in your hands; yes, it so pleased Me to give It to you and place It with great affection into the hands of a mere child who would have to depend on Me entirely; – 1 just now I do not want to make it only a passing visit from My Throne to 1 Here there was a slight hesitation. I thought God would stop the message, and let me go, but then He said what followed. you but give Me your time and I will receive your offer as one who receives garlands of gardenias .... Ah, my Lord, Your heavenly Presence is accompanied with the most sublime fragrances; So show me, my Lord, Your Beautiful Face, and cover me with Your radiant Light; Let me hear Your Voice like a melody which is ever so sweet, sweeter than a thousand honeycombs put together. come then and inhale myrrh coming out of My Mouth: 2 – what is the banner I raised over you? The banner I see raised over me is Love . yes, love; love is above all; to love is to do My Will; it is your entry key to My Kingdom in heaven; if you claim you are living in Me and have no love, then you cannot say you are living in Me: a true life in Me, is to be living the same kind of life as Christ lived; you have heard that it is not those who cry out to Me My Name that shall enter into My Kingdom but only those who, nourished by love, 3 are doing My Will, while they are still on earth; tell Me, of what use is a fruit-tree which would never produce its fruit? or, of what use is a harp without its strings? in other words, of what use are to Me your praises when said without love; of what use are your sacrifices were they to be offered without love; your goal then should be love, for it is on love that in the end you will be judged and not on your eloquence of speech or on your knowledge, or on any of your sacrifices, or on the gifts that I, in My benevolence, offered you; you will be judged on the 2 God paused, then changed the tone of His Voice. 3 Here, love also meant God’s Word, and obeying it.