True Life in God Messages

948 True Life in God Notebook 92 O God! I find that I do not suffice to form one intelligible word that might come close enough to describe such Sovereignty and Splendour as this of my Lord’s. ah Vassula, My comfort! I was determined to take you to share My Kingdom! this Love I have, this thirst I have for souls, burns in My Heart; it is love that led Me to the Cross, unmindful of its shamefulness; it is My Love that leads Me now to you, generation, calling one of the most inadequate creatures amongst you, the one who lacked the knowledge not only of Scriptures but also the knowledge of My Will; at that time, a scandal in the eyes of My saints and angels; to call such a wretched soul from her death and raise her to My Divine Heart, bringing her up in My royal courts, is a sign you should not ignore, it is a sign for the rest of you to grow in your confidence and learn that I call every soul, to abandon its evil conduct of today and turn to Me wholeheartedly so that she may share too My Glory; come, My beloved one; I, Jesus, love you; 