True Life in God Messages

Notebook 70 True Life in God 731 delight in raising you up we are united for eternity; flower, console Me, love Me, and caress Me with your heart; evangelise with love for Love; I will help you, so cling on Me; ic; February 7, 1994 (Mexico – Mexico City) (Jesus continues to use encouraging words for this long and difficult mission.) My daughter, let your courage remain in you; I am the One who gives you courage; let your voice be heard with authority since you are sent from the Authority Himself; be My Echo; all will be done according to My Will, nevertheless, do not forget to die to yourself; I, God, am with you to glorify My Name again; I bless you from the core of My Heart; I, God, love you; March 4, 1994 God, Almighty, You who have made me a target for Your archery, and a creature whose face is to be spat upon, how could Your Majesty still speak to me? the Hands that formed you will never abandon you nor will They reject you .... My affection augments for you every time you are spat upon; 1 do not be afraid, you will not be put to shame in My Courts; no, do not open your mouth to respond if anyone deals with you 1 God means persecuted and calumniated. harshly; but woe to those who call evil good, and good evil! Father? I Am; Put me then unsparingly to work for You, and whisper Your message in my ear. allow Me then to summon entire nations by using you; give all that I have given you, pass on all that you receive, this is My Command to you; even those to whom My Holy Name is unknown will come hurrying to you in My Assemblies and I will heal their disloyalty; your King’s Heart will not fail them, I, Yahweh, am your Healer; I will continue to demonstrate My sweetness towards all My children and guide them to Me; hurry up My child and display My Portrait to all of them, from the least to the greatest and they will be saved; come, we shall descend once more in the valley where all the dry bones lie scattered .... “You, who inquire into my faults and investigate my sins, You know very well that I am innocent ...” 2 look, 3 My child, why are you surprised? I said that I will not deprive you from anything; have I not said that all I experienced on earth, you will experience to the capacity of your soul? see what an honour I am giving you? here, listen, if one who sat near Me at table betrayed Me, I, who am your Master, would they not now set traps for you too, pupil? yes! even those who ate bread with you? rejoice! your Teacher is 2 Jb. 10:6-7. 3 Jesus speaks.