True Life in God Messages

Notebook 30 True Life in God 287 1989 January 10, 1989 (Message to the group.) Lord! I am; all I ask from you, is to pray in holiness; pray without ceasing, pray from your heart; be good to each other; be My Reflection, My Divine Image; be like mirrors reflecting My Holiness and Purity; let the world see on you that you are Mine, that you are Love’s children, for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Holiness and Love, there is Light, there is brightness; so love one another, love your enemies! be perfect! like your Father in Heaven is Perfect! blessed are you all, blessed are the newcomers; I tell you truly this: I am the Door to Eternal Life; he that believes in Me, but he were dead, yet shall he live; I am the Resurrection, take My Peace, I offer you My Peace, take It and spread it in the world; be My offsprings, let every soul recognise Me in you; (Just before the Lord wanted me to take out His Message in public, someone came and offered me a beautiful statue of our Lady of Fatima (70cm height). – I knew that Our Lady arrived here in time so that She accompanies me in all my public meetings. In one of the meetings arranged outside Lausanne, they told me not to bring Our Lady of Fatima because they arranged everything. That same night I saw in my dream our Lady of Fatima, as statue, facing me. I asked Her to give me a sign to know whether I had understood that She came to accompany me in my meetings and as soon as I said these words, Our Lady opened Her arms and put them tightly around me and stayed like that. I woke up and the same morning Our Lady of Fatima wrote: “ Please, do not leave Me behind, take Me with you! ”) Vassula, have My Peace; read the signs the Lord is giving you, discern them, and follow them; Please help me notice them. I am helping you; Thank You, Holy Mother. (Yesterday I heard of a reaction of a priest who heard about me, he said: “Away from her, she is a charlatan!” Somehow, his remark pleased me, because I’m being accused of being an impostor, just like Jesus was accused by the Pharisees of being a false prophet. And it reminded me of the message He gave me (December 7, 1988). So many times Jesus said to me that I will be blamed, persecuted and scrutinised. It only proves His words. I am happy because I am blamed and persecuted for His sake.) My child, pray for those who accuse you, and pass judgement on you, pray for them to open their heart; pray for all those souls who do not recognise the Lord’s Merciful Signs; stay near Me; we, us? Yes; we, us.