True Life in God Messages

918 True Life in God Notebook 89 wherever you go; 1 in this way we could advance, you, with My cross in one hand and in the other one, My Word, which will be your lamp, while I, your King, will be walking majestically by your side and victorious, gloriously accumulating My triumphs in your faithfulness, while My glorious sceptre in My Hand will keep directing your steps where they should tread and where I wish you to go in My Name; we will descend even more now to encounter those who are in the vile depths of sin, to teach them forgiveness, kindness, mercy, love, faith, hope, and I will lean down from the heights of My Glory, to the dying, 2 yet so loved by Me .... to cure them, to console them and tell them how precious they are to Me; all will vanish one day and wear out like a garment, but My Love for them will be unchangeable .... lean now, My dearest, on My Sacred Heart so that every heart-beat you hear anoints your soul like fresh oil, renewing you and refreshing you; and while you will be leaning on My Royal Heart, you will be drinking from Its flowing stream, a living water which will turn into a spring inside you, welling up to eternal life; be steadfast in heart, for I am your Salvation; I bless you in My Triune Holiness, three times; April 4, 1997 flower-of-My-Heart, listen to My Words; I am asking you: do you believe in what is written in Scriptures? 1 This is symbolic but also literally too, when Christ appears in my face, effacing me entirely. 2 Spiritually. Why Lord, of course I do! do you believe that God can speak to man? You prospered me by speaking to me, so how could I not believe You spoke to me? today many of My Own are raising in My very House their sword against Me .... being swollen with pride they say: “we are gods;” they claim to be so much greater than all that men call “god”, so much greater than anything that is worshipped, that they enthrone themselves in My Sanctuary and claim that they are God; every word proclaimed by Me is rejected by those very ones, but the great fire now is ready to devour them .... they claim that they have grasped the mystery of Myself; there is a Mediator 3 to remind man where his duty lies; to take pity on him, He prays in man’s place to be restored, and spared from the pit; all this I do again and yet again for man, rescuing his soul from the eternal fires and letting the light of life shine bright on him .... to conceal their plans these people, who raise Me daily, scheme in the dark to overthrow Peter’s Chair and silence the Vicar of My Church and all those to whom I revealed their plans and expose their apostasy; they scheme in the dark to silence Me, saying: “who can see us? who can recognise us?” but the lowly rejoice when they hear and recognise My Voice; the poorest exult in My Presence; – their 4 sacrifices to Me are a mockery now; why, they have become the very Thing of Shame in My Courts; these wrongdoers in My House are speculating to shut My Voice; they will try and impose an order on all of you, to condemn the magnificent works of 3 I think Jesus was speaking of His Holy Spirit. 4 God talks about the apostates now.