There is one and only one living God and his name is Jesus Christ

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    Hello everyone,

    Have you ever felt like you do not have salvation and you’re condemned everyday because of your past mistakes?

    Well, I got news for you. You don’t have to live in that condemnation anymore. I’m here to tell you, Jesus did the work, not us. He died on the cross. His last words were, “it is finished.” He said that because we are no longer slaves to sin because of his death. Jesus set us free from sin. When we believed in him and accepted the Holy Spirit in our hea

    So stop worrying about things because God is in control. And stop questioning your salvation because it’s not purchased through your works. It was purchased with Christ’s blood. There is much rest in knowing this. The truth will set you free.

    Once you accept Christ into your life, he’s going to work on you until the day you die or until the day he returns. Gods will is perfect. He’s in control. Not us! So let go of control and enjoy the peace of Christ.

    Take care all! Amen!
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    That's very uplifting.... and I've just read this TLIG message:

    Spread Our Messages, They Save...
    May 1996

    My Lord?

    I Am;

    lean on Me; in My Sacred Heart find My Peace which I give to you; remember, I am with you; daughter, do not leave one stone unturned so that the Father and I will not say one day: "you have not tried your best"; favour above all, all those whose heart is as far from Me as the earth is from the sky; take My mighty Hand and do not fear; all those who want to hear will hear; come, ic; -

    pray, pray, pray; it is not difficult to pray; Vassula, say: "Christ is risen!"

    I should say it as the custom wants .... 1

    yes! say it now....

    (I said it.)

    and so I have; delight Me and praise Me! flower, My own daughter of My Church, your Christ is indeed risen; come, I bless you and all those whom I have chosen to accompany you; they shall have their reward in the end; My Father and I bless those hearts and tell them: spread Our Messages, they save ....


    1 For 40 days after Easter, the Orthodox has it in their tradition to greet other with: "Christ is risen", the response is: "Truly He has risen". Jesus wanted me to follow this tradition.

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