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    This message received 25 years ago, 10 years before the 9/11 attacks, is still very current.

    September 11th should have been a turning point for the US & mankind, but it only seemed to accelerate our descent into more evil. In re-reading the message, this part stands out with respect to the Church, which is a biblical message I wish more people would heed : "think twice before you judge; think more than twice before you condemn the Works of the Holy Spirit;".

    This forum is one of the few that is free of judgmental posts and it's a blessing.


    September 11, 1991

    Lord, I look up at the heavens
    and search for heavenly things;
    I search Your Holy Face
    to feel Peace and be able to rejoice;
    I search for your Holy Face
    to be able to contemplate.

    And I, for My part, My Eyes look down at the world of today, searching nation after nation, scanning soul after soul for some warmth, for some generosity and for some love, but very, very few enjoy My favour; very few bother to live a holy life; and the days are fleeing and the hours are now counted before the great retribution; My cities1 have become a harlot's - pitiless! they have become a citadel for the demons! all corrupt from within, eaten up by worm! a refuge for the viper and the scorpion! how can I not breathe on these renegades My Purifying Fire? ...

    (Jesus suddenly changed tone and after waiting a few seconds, with a tone very grave that left me in awe said:)

    - the earth will shiver and shake -

    and every evil built into Towers2 will collapse into a heap of rubble and be buried in the dust of sin! above, the Heavens will shake and the foundations of the earth will rock! pray that the Father's Hand will not come down in winter;

    the islands, the sea and the continents will be visited by Me unexpectedly, with thunder and by Flame; listen closely to My last words of warning, listen now that there is still time; read Our Messages, 3 and stop being scornful or deaf when Heaven speaks, lower your voices and you will hear Ours;

    think twice before you judge; think more than twice before you condemn the Works of the Holy Spirit; I shall not spare anyone who mocks the Holy Spirit, blaspheming Him outright; Justice will send them down to the underworld;

    lift, all of you, your faces and search the Heavens for My Holy Face to contemplate! lift your eyes towards Heaven and you shall not perish;

    repent! and ask the Father to relent; soon, very soon now, the Heavens will open and I shall make you see,

    The Judge

    1 Cities here is used by God for the word "souls"
    2 Like the Tower of Babel.
    3 Jesus' and Mary's, those Two Witnesses.
    4 Following the events in New York on September 11, 2001, (10 years to the day after receiving the above message), Vassula provided the following commentary:
    I want people to be careful how they interpret this message. Interpreting prophecy is not easy, unless it is given through the light of the Holy Spirit. This apocalyptic message should be interpreted in the following way:
    Our generation has grown cold towards the love of God. And since our world of today is living a great apostasy, God intervened to warn us by giving us signs, e.g. statues shedding tears of blood, icons crying tears of oil or blood. The messages of TLIG have also been a sign as well as a few other apparitions that have come as a warning and to draw us all to prayer. So many of these signs have been rejected and scorned and persecuted and this reminds us of Apocalypse 11 regarding The Two Witnesses who are Mary and Jesus with an apostolic mission of Elijah (representing prophecy) and Moses (reminder of the law) as described in the message of December 24, 1991. You should read this message so that you may understand it fully. Apostasy means rejection of the divine Truth that led us to a life without God. The apostasy draws evil upon the earth. Our Lady gave an important message in this regard (May 15, 1990).
    In the TLIG messages God has given us enough opportunities to repent and live holy. Yet, the world is deaf to God's cries and on the contrary ridicules every call coming from above warning us that if we do not change our hearts and sacrifice, make reparations and repent, our sins will bring us death. Christ has been asking us to read Scriptures: 2 Thess. 2 to understand that we are indeed living in the end of times and that Paul has Tsaid to recognise them by the two signs which are the great apostasy and the spirit of rebellion. This spirit of rebellion plays God and apes God and puts itself above God. The world today believes in its own self-realisation. It is those who cry out to God: we do not need you!
    God does not punish and does not want to see His people suffer, but we are self-destroying ourselves and we draw upon ourselves all evil. This is the reason why in many of the messages, not only on the September 11, 1991, Christ has been warning us that Satan is preparing a great holocaust to destroy us.
    The people who died, good or bad, are today's victims of our sins and our deafness to announcements that God has been warning us to save us and to spare us from suffering and from dying. We from our own sins have victimised innocent people and created great sufferings unnecessarily. We must pray for all those families that have lost their beloved ones that God gives them strength and a spirit of pardon.
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    Pope Francis has also warned us about judging others and the 'terrorism of gossip'. I've been reading again the MMP book (which I haven't read in some time) and Chapter 547 - For the Salvation of the World:

    This was a Spiritual Exercise with 20 Bishops & 300 Priests of the MMP in Valdragone (San Marino) on June 28, 1995 - Our Lady speaks interiorly to Fr Gobbi saying .... (m) Judge no one. Love all with the tenderness of my motherly Heart, and thus you will form the new heart of the new Church, which will be born with the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. (n) If you saw the splendour of holiness and the fullness of unity of the Church, after this period of great tribulation, you too, with me, would jump for joy! Because then all the nations will walk toward her, who will have become once again a light of truth and grace, of unity and holiness, for the salvation of the world.
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    Yes, Andree, I wonder if you saw the response the message got when I posted the message on the MoG forum today? Those responses (from the same person) made me very sad. Yet we somehow have to remain non-judgmental about people with such views and treat them with respect.
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    Yes I saw your post David and the response. The thing that helps me to remain non-judgmental and compassionate is to think about the judgment on someone fully versed in the Catholic Church who should know better - it's gonna hurt! It's a bitter irony to me that they keep resisting certain modern-prophetic texts like TLIG and yet, for so many of us, it's through reading these reminders of sacred Scripture and conversations with Jesus that we come to truly walk with Christ (think "we, us"). I've learned to hold my tongue and (fingers for internet) and since reading TLIG and turn to prayer for help to keep my thoughts captive too.

    I see what Our Lady means about this now. There is so much judgment within the Church and not enough prayer, repentance and sacrifice. We're going to reap the results of this very soon...
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    " Dust and Ashes" with these words The Lord reminds us not judge. They occur a lot throughout Tlig . I think about them when I fall into the trap of judging.
    I was giving out about the bankers and the mess they made.. "Lord I judge no one...except bankers..." The Lord has made it clear to me of course,
    I should judge no one- not even the bankers lol!...any sinner before a soul we must try to say "there but for the grace of God go I!"

    Why am I so spiritually obtuse? I dont know but I must witness this fact - Tlig has opened my eyes...Now to put into practice ...Please God!
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    I agree with the first comment about that ...well done

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