RUSSIAN Putin has sacked every commander

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    PUTIN PURGE Russian leader sacks EVERY commander in his Baltic fleet after ‘they refused to confront Western ships’ - 50 officers including Vice Admiral Viktor Kravchuk have reportedly been fired in a Stalin-style bloodletting.

    RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has taken a page out of Joseph Stalin’s book — and sacked every commander in his Baltic fleet.

    As many as 50 senior officers including a Vice Admiral have been purged by Vladimir Putin amid reports they refused to confront Western ships.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during celebrations for Navy Day in the Kaliningrad region in 2015. He has reportedly carried out a Stalin-style purge by sacking every commander in his Baltic fleet
    Other Russian news sites also speculated that attempts to cover up a crash between a Russian sub and a Polish boat may have been behind the bloodletting.

    But given the endemic nature of corruption and incompetence across the Russian military, Western analysts are scratching their heads as to the real reason behind the purge.
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    The problem with this report, karnala, is that I have not found any reference to it on mainstream news sites like the BBC and CNN. Ordinarily, they would be the first people to report negative stuff about Putin!
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    When I first read it, I didn't think there were any Western ships for him to confront. It might be Russian propaganda because he doesn't like the Western sanctions on Russia.

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