Rich vs. Poor

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    Pope Francis Contrasts the Rich and Poor

    Jesus States that God is on the Side of the Least

    Pope Francis Notes Beatification of Father Theodore Illera del Olmo

    Praises Courageous Witness of Faith

    Pope Francis Notes 100th Anniversary of World War I Armistice

    Benedict XV Described as ‘Useless Slaughter’

    Angelus Address: On the Proud Scribe and the Poor Widow

    ‘God Doesn’t Measure the Quantity but the Quality, Scrutinizes the Heart and Looks at the Purity of the Intentions’

    Pope Previews Second World Day of the Poor

    Will be Observed November 18, 2018

    Pope Francis Polish Independence Day Message (Full Text)

    Message to Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki of Poznań

    Pope on Eucharist: Communion, Service, Mercy

    Address to Participants in the Plenary of the Pontifical Committee for the International Eucharistic Congresses

    Pope Francis Speaks to Students of Heaven Association

    Audience the Members of the Alunni del Cielo

    Spain: Beatification of Teodoro Illera Del Olmo

    Homily by Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu

    Archbishop Auza at UN Urges Strengthening of Multilateralism

    Addressing the ‘Trust Deficit Disorder’

    Vatican Releases 2018 Christmas Stamps

    Designed by Inmate of Opera Prison in Milan

    Holy See Urges Action to End Human Trafficking

    Archbishop Auza’s Address at UN Conference

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