Our Lady of Guadalupe protectress of the Unborn

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    We have to stop killing and fighting - LOVE is the answer. Stop judging and start loving vulnerable mothers .... 64% of women who chose abortion say they felt pressured by others to abort.

    When I read Lectio Divina for Saturday's Bible readings, it says: Today’s Gospel begins with Peter’s question: “Lord, what about him?” Jesus begins to speak with Peter.... The mysterious response of Jesus. Jesus says, “If I want him to stay behind until I come, what does it matter to you? You are to follow Me.” A mysterious utterance which ends again with the same affirmation as before: Follow me! Jesus seems to want to bridle Peter’s curiosity. Just as each one of us has his/her own history, in the same way each one of us has his/her own way of following Jesus.... Peter’s questions, and the assumptions of the other disciples, could be an example of the sins of pride (hyperēphania), sadness or envy (lypē), and dejection or acedia (akēdia) in terms of the concepts of the fourth century monk Evagrius Ponticus, among others. Rather than rejoicing at the favorable treatment they thought John had, Peter wanted to know the details. Then the rumors and the gossip went out.

    Its also St Pio's birthday on 25th May:

    In a now famous story, Father Pellegrino Funicelli, who assisted Padre Pio for many years, once confronted the saint on the sin, asking him:

    “Today you denied absolution to a woman because she had voluntarily undergone an abortion. Why have you been so rigorous with this poor unfortunate?” (Padre Pio would sometimes refuse to give absolution to a penitent if they showed insufficient contrition; often they would return and he’d give absolution if they were sincere).

    Padre Pio responded: “The day that people lose their horror for abortion will be the most terrible day for humanity. Abortion is not only a homicide but also a suicide. Shouldn’t we have the courage to manifest our faith before those who commit two crimes within one act?

    Suicide?,” asked Father Pellegrino.

    “The suicide of the human race will be understood by those who will see the earth populated by the elderly and depopulated of children: burnt as a desert,” Padre Pio replied.
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    Shocking statistic karnala I never knew that many feel pressured..64% ! The media are liars
    they suppress so much. We must Pray that all Mothers get all the love and support they need always..

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