Orthodox church used for Latin Mass

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    Labovë, Albania, October 23, 2017


    The Holy Synod of the Albanian Orthodox Church released a statement on Saturday regarding an incident that occurred the today before with an Orthodox church in the southern Albanian village of Labovë. As the hierarchs learned only through a Facebook post, the Albanian Ministry of Culture gave the famous Dormition Church over to a group of Catholic priests and clergy for the celebration of a Catholic mass.

    “With amazement and regret, we saw on the site of the Institute of Cultural Monuments, on Facebook, three Catholic priests from Italy, together with a group of Italian tourists, celebrating the ‘first mass’ at the Orthodox church in Labovë, a famous Byzantine monument,” the statement reads.....

    The Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania had no prior knowledge of the event, according to the statement, and is protesting the violation of the federal law which establishes that “The state can only use a cult object for the needs of major interests and only after it has received the consent of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania.”

    “Such irresponsible initiatives are an open violation of religious freedom and violate the peaceful coexistence of religious communities in Albania,” the Synod laments.....

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    Here's another church were no permit has been issued - this time to the Uniates. They report that the Greek Catholics (Uniates) are raiders and invaders - helped by Ukrainian Neo-Nazis. I don't understand why they're trying to take ownership of an Orthodox Church ?? They're even reporting that "recently, the Holy See acknowledged that such a theological-canonical experiment was unsuccessful".

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    The dissenters of Vatican II seem to be the ones undermining the Orthodox Church of the Ukraine:


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