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  1. David

    David Well-Known Member

    Vassula has just released a batch of new messages, the latest of which is dated June 18 this year. All recent messages can be viewed from

    I want to comment on one of them, dated May 31, 2018. This is part of the message which can be read in full at

    My pupil, peace to you; I give you My Peace; do you know what I have given you? I have given in your hands Fire; My Fire! this Fire exceeds understanding, as it wraps around anyone who approaches this Fire putting him ablaze and of need to repent; oh yes! I had come then to bring Fire to the earth and now I descend in your times to put aflame this generation to enable it to repent! O how translucent they will be once they are caught in It and tossed around!

    this is why all those who reject you, reject you out of fear; without even understanding their motive to reject you, their spirit senses that you are carrying in your hands something different, incomprehensible, and they cannot identify It either; then why have they been blinded? It is because they never knew the fragrance of one who is purified by this Fire;

    My Fire (1) that I have entrusted you to carry in your hands, in spite of your unworthiness, will reveal everyone's soul and what it carries to lead them to repentance; it separates those who are meant for My Kingdom from those who will remain outside My Kingdom;

    this Fire that makes some of you cringe at Its approach comes from the Holy Spirit and from the Word I have been giving you! no wonder then that those who reject you fear you; try to understand; My Fire manifests Itself through My given Word, but this generation and I would say, most of this generation, fails in its obscurity, to perceive what you are carrying, what I have entrusted you with and its meaning;

    1. The True Life in God Messages that bring people to repent and to God
    I have highlighted 'My Fire' because it is the first time that I have noticed the messages directly and specifically linking the TLIG Messages with the Fire that will reveal everyone's soul and what it carries to lead them to repentance.

    This whole message strikes me as particularly significant.
  2. Steven

    Steven New Member

    Thank you David. I know I come here way too infrequently, and I spend altogether too little time mediating on these messages. Its regrettable, considering I found these messages over 15 years ago. Right now in this moment, this message really speaks to me. I pray that it helps me have a turning point. I pray it does the same for many others. Thank you.
  3. andree

    andree Well-Known Member

    Thank you David for posting this link.

    It was through TLIG that I became aware of what freemasonry is all about and I see that Our Lord tells us again in June of this year how much they are working against the Church ("the masons toil to destroy your walls of faith and what little remains in you, generation; they flood you with empty promises sowing dissension among brothers; their heinous crimes will be held against them;")

    For me, the TLIG Messages provide food for the soul unlike any other - like Stephen, I need to go back to meditating more on them.

    Along with the warnings like the one above, the Lord gives us Manna to give us peace and also the prayers that He wants us to pray with and He is still giving us prayers now, as the one below on April 27th. When I think that most Catholics believe that the Our Father was the last prayer given to us directly by Jesus - what a loss that they don't believe in TLIG. Thank you Lord for these beautiful prayers through TLIG!

    have you knitted together in My Flesh; those who are born of the Spirit are the flesh of My Flesh, the bone of My Bone, these will get support from Me of every kind; they will be called heroes of your times, blessed offspring of the Most High, labourers of Yahweh's Vineyard, yes, My Vineyard is the House in which My Son, Jesus Christ, abides...

    listen and write down this prayer:

    "Yahweh, my Lord,
    I am invoking You to shelter me;
    I come to You, supplicating You,
    to enter my house,
    my hands lifted like the evening offering,
    I unfold all my troubles to You,
    may my prayers rise like incense
    in Your Celestial Courts,
    listen to my cry for help!
  4. Radhe

    Radhe Well-Known Member

    The masons are mentioned in tlig in a few passages.
    They are mentioned and exposed also in Fr Gobbis book.
    I have often marveled at their symbol is the divider and the ruler...Divide and rule!
    Sowing dissension division, something the media does a lot!It is obvious now the mainstream media has an agenda, never are they objective, they oppose Gods law opposing it with vices, actively glorifying evil.
    No wonder the forces of darkness are hysterical against tlig!

    I am aware we need to pray for eachother here Steven Andree David Karnala, Cadman...I prromise to try to do so more....
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  5. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Member

    We are like moths in our darkness attracted to this flame.

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