February meteors & the TLIG prayer

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    I noted that the meteor that exploded over Cuba on February 15th 2019 is six years to the day after the one that exploded violently over Russia on February 15, 2013.

    It reminded me of this message dated February 13th with a prayer that asks for protection from such events. We should remember to pray it regularly!
    February 13, 2016

    My peace I give to you; will you pen down My Words?

    Yes Lord...

    this generation is hard to bend; enfeebled by their sins they lay their confidence in Satan, building their hope in him; although I have been standing before everyone to see Me, few have taken notice; their leaders have grown cruel, and death awaits many nations through their hand; how much have I wept over you, creation! You whose life now will be streaming down in death; then when flames will lick like tongues your inhabitants, bursting in the air, I will ask this generation: where will you find relief? and in whom? in Satan? in your ego and self?

    the time has come to execute My Justice for the punishment of this faithless generation is at your doors; I will carry out My orders to the letter; when you will hear a thunderclap, My Voice will be heard, thundering in your ears, resounding to the very ends of the earth; then know that the world and all who live in it will hear the Voice of Justice: evil will bring death to many nations... ruin will creep up in every city;

    have you heard that 'the Angel of Yahweh will encircle cities and nations' calling everyone to repent? these are the things that will take place in the days to come;

    therefore, you who have entered My Courts and believed in My sayings, pray and do not dread or fear, but you who have jeered for endless years on My sayings, striking with your tongue My prophets, beware! for you have used lies to justify your lies, you have indeed buried My Words in your own tomb; yes, indeed, you have been twisting My Words; but your sins have created a gulf between you and Me; and now Justice will not be withheld; I tell you, bitter will be your coming days when I will confront you... pray and do not allow your eyelids to close down in sleep!

    here is how you should pray:

    "Yahweh, my God, let my prayer reach you,
    hear our cry of mercy and for help,
    forgive those who have no faith in You, my God,
    and no trust either in your power to save us;

    do not blast the lights out of our days,
    withering with it in a flash the earth;
    but in Your Fatherly Compassion,
    pity us, and forgive us;

    do not allow the evil one to shed our blood like water;
    forgive our guilt, repress Your anger,
    remembering our weakness;

    hold back Your angels of disaster,
    giving us one more chance to prove ourselves
    worthy of Your Kindness;

    I put my trust in You; amen"

    how gladly will I then receive this prayer; this prayer that will make Me relent! daughter, I will bless all those who will sincerely pray this prayer; let this prophecy be heard; 'the day and hour belong to Me, your God,' this is what you will tell to those who will ask you the time and hour of My Justice! Love loves you;

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    Thanks for the reminder about the prayer .... after watching the youtube link, it seems the meteor was on 1st Feb (as its not the 15th yet).

    There was also a meteor when Vassula visited Japan:

    The following day, we had ahead of us a long and difficult journey back home, which lasted 24 hours in total. Our Japanese friends, who took us to the airport, told us that towards the end of Vassula’s speech a meteor fell into the sea nearby. We know that prayers, our communication with our Heavenly Father and His power protects us and wards off all evil!

  3. andree

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    You're right, thank you for that correction and my apologies for the error. I saw a headline that claimed both were on same date and I should have checked the dates more closely. I guess we get meteors very often now, but I still believe that the date of the Messages matters in the above message and prayer, especially since it's given on February 13th, an important date related to Fatima.

    That detail about the meteor during Vassula's trip to Japan is amazing. It's confirmation that we needn't worry about fire raining from the sky if we are with God!

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