Faith and Fidelity

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    Pope Francis on the Sixth Commandment: ‘Do Not Commit Adultery’

    The Call to Full and Faithful Spousal Love, Revealed and Given by Christ

    Holy Father’s October 31 General Audience (Full Text)

    Catechesis on the Sixth Word of the Decalogue

    Pope Francis Proclaims Power of God’s Word

    Address to Delegation from American Bible Society

    Pope Greets Young, Elderly, Sick and Newlyweds

    Remember Witness of Faithful Departed

    Rome: Human Bone Fragments Found in Apostolic Nunciature

    Statement by Vatican Press Office

    Pakistan: Supreme Court Overturns Asia Bibi’s Death Sentence

    ‘I am so happy. I want to thank God.’

    UN: Holy See Reiterates Firm Condemnation of Racism

    Contrary to Inalienable Dignity of Every Human Person

    Message to Hindus on the Feast of Diwali

    Christians and Hindus: In Defence of the Vulnerable of Society

    Pope at General Audience: We Are to Live Fully Our Original Calling to That Pure & Faithful Spousal Love Revealed in Jesus Christ’

    ‘As men and women, body and spirit, we are called to love in ways that leave no room for lust or promiscuity

    Pope’s November Prayer Intention: In the Service of Peace

    That the language of love and dialogue may always prevail over the language of conflict.

    Caritas Warns of Potential Financial Crisis

    Secours Catholique-Caritas France Published Report: ‘Finance to Citizens’

    Syria: Youth Hear Words of Pope, Hope for Peace

    ‘We need the company of the Church to help us feel close to God.’

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