All Saints Day

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    Angelus Address: Solemnity of All Saints

    “Today Is a Family Feast, the Saints Are Close to Us, They Are Our Truest Brothers and Sisters”

    Pope’s Video-Message to Participants in 3rd World Meeting of Young People, Organized by “Scholas Occurrentes,” Underway in Buenos Aires

    ‘We are witnesses, we are writers and readers of our life, and we’re not the only authors: we are what God dreams for us, what we tell ourselves, what we tell ourselves again, what others tell us, so long as we are faithful’

    Pastoral Letter from Cardinal Dolan on Bishop Jenik

    ‘The Lay Review Board has carefully examined the allegation, which concerns incidents from decades ago, and concluded that the evidence is sufficient to find the allegation credible and substantiated’

    Pope on All Saints Day: ‘The Saints Love & Understand Us; They Want Us to Be Happy Like Them, Knowing What the True Good Is’

    Prays Mary Introduces Our Dear Deceased Loved Ones Into the Celestial Family in Heaven

    Pope Thanks Race of Saints Participants for Beautiful Initiative

    Athletes & Amateurs Came From All Over Italy to Attest Their Link to Their Patron Saint

    230th Anniversary of “Royal Temple of Chetupon (Wat Pho)” in Bangkok

    Statement of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue

    Christian-Taoist Colloquium in Singapore In Days to Come

    Theme ‘Christian & Taoist Ethics in Dialogue’ to Be Studied by 70 Scholars & Practitioners of Interreligious Dialogue

    Interview: ‘The Change We Must Make Is for Young People Be Subjects of the Life of the Church,’ Says Mexican Cardinal Carlos Aguiar

    Also Says in Mexico, The Church Lives Thanks to Women

    Holy See Calls for Action to Halt Small Arms Trade

    Multilateral Effort Needed to Halt Violence

    Archbishop Follo: Readings for November 1, 2 and 4

    With the wish to understand that holiness is to love Christ letting ourselves be loved Him, and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves and for love of God.

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