True Life in God Messages

Notebook 88 True Life in God 907 succumbs to My charms; I came to prepare your heart, waking up your love so that you drink from the Source of My Heart which is sweeter than wine; then, you would seek My resplendent perfection and offer yourself voluntarily to Me; then I, I for My part, would celebrate My Strength and My Glory for having overpowered you; 1 ah, daughter-of-the-King, 2 I had called you before My angels so that you and your generation tastes My Love; and now, dearest one, who constantly trembles for fear of being deceived, your Lord, Father and God of your life, tells you: do not fear, for a heart founded on prayer, love and humility will not flinch at the critical moment of temptation, but will chase the demons away; have you not noticed how I have exhaled a perfume like incense on you to attract your attention? and now that you are with Me let Me ask you: do you know what My Sacred Heart desires? 3 that you come to Me as a lily so that I enjoy your heart once I engulf it entirely into My Own Sacred Heart, love for Love, heart for Heart; come, just like an ocean swallows up a drop of water, so do I want you to disappear in Me; I love you to folly and I would like to take you into the nuptial chamber of My Heart, solely for Me, just I and you, so that together we can share a retreat, or is it a pilgrimage you want? is this 4 what you want? 5 we would go in the gardens of My Heart and our friendship would be such that even My angels would desire your place; ah, if only you knew, My beloved one, the love I have for you .... whatever you choose, pilgrimage or retreat, you would 1 It means the evil in me. 2 Vassiliki means also ‘daughter of the King’. 3 I could not guess. 4 It means the latter. 5 I sighed not knowing what my Lord wants and means. not have to walk, I will carry you in My embrace and relieve your feet which stood for Me 6 during hours in your mission, ministering for Me; does not dew relieve the heat? in the same way I will relieve your feet; Vassula, have you understood why I have come to you as the Sacred Heart? I have come in this way so that, from this very Heart, 7 you obtain Mercy .... yes, not just you, but all of you; come now; why the trembling? have I not espoused you to Myself with a ring? have I not given you a glimpse on the delights of My Heart? have I not shown you the goodness of My Heart? so why this hesitation? Lord, I simply do not comprehend a bit of what Your wishes are, this offer that You want to perform with me, this pilgrimage or retreat. I do not understand. My beloved, whom I raised and called for Myself and for My Glory, come now and feast in Me; I will be your joy and your smile, I will be your banquet, I will let you profit from the Treasures of My Heart; take a look at Me, take a look at My Heart .... look, have I not opened the gate of My Heart for you? My Royal Heart was offered to you; come and find your joy in Me; if the world has sworn to hurt you, I in My turn have sworn to protect you from absorbing their poison, and designate you for My Glory; if the world is treacherous, it was to prove to you, that I alone am always faithful in My Love and in My friendship; therefore, you whom I nurtured, to you I say: do not get discouraged with what has happened to you; I have allowed this weight to overwhelm you for My greatest glory; 6 Jesus said this ending with a tone of emotion; He slightly shook His divine Head. 7 Jesus was showing with His forefinger His Heart.