True Life in God Messages

Notebook 87 True Life in God 905 Saints, 1 yet when you are in My bosom, you are hidden in Me, you are in the One who justifies sinners, 2 then your soul, puny little creature, is considered as justified because of Me; this was one of your falls, but however grave your sin 3 was, grace now will be even greater since you have realised 4 what you have done, and you have come to Me to ask My forgiveness; now you are alive again, not by your own power but by My Power; come to Me always before you take any decision and consult Me; I will always give you good counsel and I will always respond to your needs; observe My commandment to you and do not grieve Me; remind everyone what the beauty of My Spirit brings to mankind; it 5 brings them peace, love, gentleness, kindness, patience, truthfulness, generosity, self-control and mercy which will lead them into eternal life; never tire, My child, of working for Me, and although your crosses are many, do not complain; – if you are by far My most tormented messenger of your times, it is because you come from Me, and the Word that is given to you is true; My Word gives evidence that this generation’s ways are evil and binding to the underworld, but I will remain with you, and My Holy Spirit will be your Guardian and your Lamp, your Joy and your Strength; He will keep you cheerful since you are hidden in Us who are thrice Holy; come to Me in complete confidence and remember: your trials are My Glory .... ic; 1 I was glad to hear these words so that everybody reads them especially those who never cease putting me on a high pedestal saying, “Vassula, Vassula,” instead of “God, God, praise be to God!” 2 Forgives us. 3 The sin of disobedience. 4 While writing this, He asked me to add “not on your own, but by My Grace ...” 5 The beauty of the Spirit. “Yahweh is tender and compassionate slow to anger, most loving; his indignation does not last for ever, his resentment exists a short time only; he never treats us, never punishes us, as our guilt and our sins deserve.” 6 6 Ps. 103:8-10.