True Life in God Messages

852 True Life in God Notebook 82 I, God, am with you, daughter; be blessed thrice in Our Trinitarian Holiness; January 9, 1996 My house is in the Courts of Yahweh and my spirit rejoices in the brilliance of His Majesty thrice holy. It is in You that my soul moves, fulfils and goes on trusting. It is in You, Eternal Father, that my spirit languishes, desires and seeks the Truth. Deprive me not, O Celestial Father of the Seven Gifts of Your Spirit, but send them to me, to light my way and illumine my spirit, bathing me in Your Divine Trinitarian Holiness. 1 My peace I give to you; if the ground refuses to yield its fruit and the country has turned into a desert, it is because of its apostasy .... My Holy Spirit is hardly remembered, proclaimed or relied on, this is why the earth has declined and your soul, like a dying star that lost its brilliance, has darkened; with the Law of the Triune God, Vassula, in your hearts, you can all say: “my God will hear me;” and I will grant you from the bottom of My Heart, the seven gifts of My Spirit if you ask Me; now, My Vassula, tell Me, do you think you have obtained your knowledge of My Kingdom on your own? No. No, my God. I knew nothing of Your Kingdom from the beginning. do you think your prophecies came out of yourself, My child? 1 The Creator speaks. No, because Scriptures say: “No prophecies can come out of oneself.” blessed are you, for allowing My Holy Spirit to rest upon you and act in you; these are the things now I want to reveal, so that everyone on this earth can be drawn towards Me and live in My utter fullness and that every living creature can possess Me as I too would wish to possess them; freedom is to be found in My Spirit, thrice Holy consolation and refreshment is to be found in My Spirit; your sinful passions can be washed away by My Spirit thrice Holy and He can offer you the freedom to serve Me in a new and delightful way, attracting hordes of nations into sanctity, because you would be renewed by My Holy Spirit; delightful child, write: determined to share My Glory with all of you, I am ever so lavishly pouring out, in your days, My Holy Spirit to renew you so that you obtain your freedom in My Spirit; men are seeking their own ruin, but My Love is faithful and My Compassion is great; I looked down at My creation and said: I will let the wind carry My Breath 2 to them sooner than I had planned; I will neither keep the scores nor the records; as My Ways are above your ways; My Breath will be carried by the winds on My creation, so that they say: “God has not forgotten us, this is His dew; these are His raindrops”; and to accompany these I shall pour on you Instruction like prophecy, even to the least of you; creation, I shall pour out My Gifts so that you may see your nakedness and realise how, during all your lifetime, you had grieved Me; then, like a child, you will weep and turn to Me, your Father; from thereon you will aspire only after heavenly things that last; 2 The Holy Spirit - the Holy Spirit is already being poured out, e.g. charismatic movements.