True Life in God Messages

850 True Life in God Notebook 82 they do not know and they do not observe is My Wisdom; as for you, My child, dwell in perpetual discipline towards My Church and you will enjoy My favour; in these days, I have revealed to My Church, through you, the Evil one’s plans; so, aflame with anger, Satan, who is the prince of this world, is well on his way to overpower all My Works; he was a murderer from the beginning, and his aim is especially on My sacerdotal souls; he roams around to steal and bring to damnation My very Own .... it is in My power to reverse your situation, Vassula, but as you know, a servant is not greater than his master; I am your Master and since the authorities persecuted your Master, I allow them to persecute you, too; but “lo tedhal” 1 I am with you; I am going to be your drink, your food, your rest, your peace and your joy; see? pray and adore Me; pray and follow Me; ic; December 16, 1995 (Together with a hermit - Bethlehem) My Saviour, we put our whole heart into following You, into fearing You and seeking Your Face once more. Do not disappoint us! 2 have My Peace; please Me and say these words: Jesus, my only love, Jesus, my inspiration, my soul’s companion; Jesus, You alone are my cup, my drink, my blessing, hide me in the core of your Heart until death will deliver me in heaven; 1 ‘Do not fear’ in Aramaic. 2 Dn. 3:41. Guardian of my soul, be with me wherever I go, amen; let this be your theme; I blessed you and bless you again; Love is with you; we, us? ic;