True Life in God Messages

Notebook 57 True Life in God 587 the Resurrection, love Me; let your prayers be an advocate to defend your generation from My Father’s wrath, let your cries and your prayers be like a plea to the Father; I, the Lord, bless you, child, come .... January 18, 1992 (First day of the week of unity) Give us, Lord, Your discerning Spirit, To gain Knowledge and Wisdom, Give us, Yahweh, the ear of the humble and the lowly to search for Your Knowledge and Wisdom. Give Your Church her triumph by uniting us all in one Body. Amen evangelise with love for Love; live for Me, breathe for Me; all that I have said to you shall soon take place; you shall see more wonders through Me; the panoply is not yet worn by My Church; the crown of triumph soon will be worn, adorning Her victory; – I love you for giving Me your time, and offering it so generously to Me; We love you; 1 it makes Me happy to know that you want to share My Work with Me; have My Peace;  1 The Holy Trinity spoke. January 20, 1992 (For the Swiss group.) this prolonged silence from My part 2 would not have lasted had I been approached with love; how can they claim they love Me when they have no peace nor any love among them? like a wasting sickness sin devours them; My Magnificence has not penetrated them nor has My Splendour; I came to water their aridity with My Tears; I came to console them, yet have I received any in return? their cities 3 are empty with emptiness and rubble today; like drought in a dry land they became; My Word has come to their ear, yet they did not hear it; My Throne of Grace approached them and offered them My Peace and sound Teaching from Wisdom Herself to set them free and yet, they did not share it with faith nor love; anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother, hates Me; the original request which was given to them in My Message was love, peace, unity and reconciliation among brothers; now all I have to say is: examine yourselves before Judgement comes; you have very little time left now; pray and avoid all evil; never condemn or judge one another; set your hearts for Me; set your minds on Me; stay awake for the cleansing time is soon upon you; be filled then with My Spirit of Love, so that your sins will not suffocate you;  (Later on:) 2 Jesus had eclipsed Himself for some time in Switzerland. 3 Souls.