True Life in God Messages

586 True Life in God Notebook 57 1992 January 16, 1992 O Lord, I cannot find words to praise You, yet I want to talk to You ... I shall help you, write: Yahweh visited me, like a gust of wind, His Spirit lifted me and showed me His Countenance, He revealed to me: Tenderness, Love and Infinite Goodness, He then showered me with Blessings and offered me Manna in abundance to share It with my brothers; He walked with me in the land of oblivion, from down among the dead He took me among those who have forgotten Him, He raised me, restoring the memory of my soul; O Lord, Yahweh, how grateful I am! may Your Sweetness, O Lord, be on us all, blessed be Yahweh for ever and ever; amen; and now, daughter, the terrors of the night are behind you and before you, I Am; I shall bring you safely Home, back where you belong; January 17, 1992 Lord of Mercy, your people need to be consoled, Your Body, divided, is sinking and there are very few who can comfort You, Your people are in despair, listen, therefore, Lord of Mercy and see our sorrow. Amen. soaked in My Blood I am from all that My Eyes are witnessing and from what My Ears are hearing; daughter, I mean to make you the sword of My Word, through you I shall pierce hearts of men to allow My Word to penetrate profoundly in them; My Voice shall echo in them and though their heart has not a breath of life inside it, My Word, the giver of Life, will revive it and from it will issue a fragrance, appeasing My Wounds; daughter of Mine, courage; many will continue to live an unholy life and many will continue sinning and offending My Holiness, heedless of My warnings, heedless of the signs I am giving the world today and wickedness will go on increasing My Cup of Justice; wickedness and atheism, thirst of power and rationalism are worn like a signet ring on these men; ah, My Vassula, .... there will be a loss such as never seen! the sinner lurks for his chance and like a prowler, he shall come by night! multiple will be the wails, from rulers, magistrates and influential men, all will wail! My daughter, hear My sighs, listen to My Heart; O beloved of My Soul, come and console My Heart; hunger for Me; I am