True Life in God Messages

Notebook 48 True Life in God 489 O Holy Spirit of Truth descend upon us and be our Guide and Holy Companion, Holy Spirit of Love, come upon us and teach us to be in the real Love of God. Remind us of the True Knowledge, this knowledge the Father had given us but that we lost because of our sins, Holy Spirit of Peace, give us Your Peace, a Peace the world cannot give; make out of each one of us vessels of Light and “peacemakers, so that when we work for Peace, we will be able to sow seeds which will bear fruit in holiness.” 1 Amen. beloved, I tell you solemnly that I, the Holy Spirit of Truth, provide you day and night, night and day with considerable graces to help you all on your way to perfection; since I am your Life, allow Me to direct you and be your Guide in this exile you are living in; I can be your Oasis in your wilderness; O how little do you know Me, creation! you spend your whole lifetime, creation, seeking your happiness in futile things, when I, Omnipresent, offer you: Love, Joy, Peace and Freedom to free you from the dungeons of Evil; My Graces are multiple, yet, you are unaware of My Presence and of how many graces your spirit can obtain from Me; I ask from My faithful ones prayers, for the salvation of souls; all will vanish one day, all will wear out like a garment, but your soul remains forever; the Harvest is ready and soon the Reaper shall come and reap His Harvest; be prepared for the Reaper; 1 Jm. 3:18. January 8, 1991 (Our Holy Mother’s Message for the prayer group, for January 19, 1991.) peace be with you, my beloved children; I am inviting you all today to pray for Unity; to unite you must love, to unite you must be humble and obedient; do not let anyone lead you astray by other doctrines; remain faithful and you shall not stumble; today, the lands do not yield happiness nor virtue, because your generation has deserted the Lord; the outcoming of this is sin; happy the man who has been sheltered from it; had your generation walked in the way of God you would have lived in peace; O children! I am calling to you; My cries go out to all nations; the dead 2 cannot hear nor praise the Lord, but you, you who are attentive to My calls, praise the Lord, glorify the Lord with your love, with your faith and with your hope; heaven belongs to you, My child, so I beg you, you who have a mouth, speak to the Lord and bless Him; you who have eyes, look at His Beauty; take more of your time to contemplate His Wounds, the Wounds which were given Him for your salvation; you who have ears, hear Our supplications; you who have a heart, love the Lord, adore Him, and offer your heart to Him; no, the dead 3 cannot speak nor see, they cannot hear nor feel; beloved, He who has created you is stooping to you, with His Heart in His Hand, offering It to you; as a bridegroom offers his bride a ring as a sign of alliance, so is the Holy One offering you His Sacred Heart as a Sign of His Love, to wed you; like a bride adorned in her jewels, the Lord, the King of kings, shall adorn you with His Jewels; 4 do not sleep but stay awake; 2 Spiritually dead. 3 Spiritually dead. 4 His Thorned Crown, His Nails and His Cross.