True Life in God Messages

Notebook 40 True Life in God 393 it is in Love you are working; I want you perfect, I want you indulgent and devout; always remember My Presence, be one in Me;  January 8, 1990 My Lord? I am; It’s unbelievable, all this! ah Vassula, I Am! I wished you to become My bearer ... I give even to the least of My creatures; beloved, My Love for you is more than anyone can understand; I desired that you love Me, giving Me rest; I had asked each one of you to love Me with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind, this is My Law and the greatest and first Commandment; I bless you, bless Me; Love delights in you, I bless You, my Lord.  January 9, 1990 I am the One who loves you most; stay in My favour by loving Me and by doing My Will; set your heart in completing My Work; understand all this, My child, and allow Me to use you; I love you; devote yourself to Me and I shall raise you, feeding you, impregnating you with My Blood; act with love, speak with love, think with love, in every way be My reflection; all I ask from you is devotion, love and sincerity; treat Me as your Holy Companion, count Me among you, tell Me often how much you adore Me, I am a Jealous God and I want ceaseless prayers, see? flower, I am the vigilant Keeper of My Garden and although I find it neglected and dry, I promise you that I shall revive it and all by Myself; I shall reveal My Face to you all and many shall acknowledge Me and worship Me with sacrifices and prayers; yes, many will turn to Me and in seeing Me they shall understand My Love and I shall heal them; Love loves you all; I am the One who performs marvels and listens to everyone of you; small or great, just or unjust, devout or pagan, I listen to everyone; I bless you all; January 10, 1990 (Jesus called me to dictate to me His Message for our prayer group meeting on January 27, 1990.) peace be with you, feel My Presence, I am among you; set your hearts to listen and understand My Words; beloved children, it is now a little bit more than a year that I, the Lord, have been with you in this special way, giving you My Messages and in this way I have shown you the Wounds of My Sacred Heart, I have made known to you the state of My Church of today and the cause of the bitterness of My Soul; I have shared with you all My Cross of Peace and Love; I have made known to you My most intimate desires and My Holy Spirit has been reminding you of My precepts; I have been reminding you of the teachings of My Church; I have assembled you because you are My Own and it is to My Own I come to show My Glory;