Stigmata Manifestation in Australia
Vassula says:
"Christ is grieving more than ever because His Words are being trampled on and
have fallen on deaf ears. Nobody listens to what Christ wants in our times, but
constantly His noble Theme is attacked by His Own, calling it "Private
Meditations." They are not doing God's Will and prohibit others to listen to what
God's Will is in our times. In other words, they hold the Keys to the Kingdom of
God and neither do they go in themselves nor do they allow others to go in. He
has given exterior signs by appearing on me and that many people have
witnessed; and now He is showing His Grief on a live person since people ignore
His exterior signs.
Today it seems that it is very difficult for many to accept spiritual manifestations;
even more, that Christ can be speaking to an individual. Their minds are focused
on naturalism* and have lost the essence of God Himself, and all that is spiritual.
Thus, everything that comes from God today is examined in a naturalistic
manner, denying any supernatural power coming from God."
* naturalism - a theory denying that an event or object has a supernatural
significance; specifically: the doctrine that scientific laws are adequate to account
for all phenomena.
Marianne, baptized Roman Catholic, is a participant of the True Life in God
Prayer Group on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The TLiG prayer
group there gathers twice every month at the home of Avo & Suzy Vardanian,
once during the day and once at night. There is also a young adult prayer group
that comes together at their home once every month.
Marianne had come in touch with the True Life in God messages in the early 90-
s, but never read them seriously until she met Avo & Suzy in the late 90-s and
started participating in their then small prayer group, which led to a deeper
conversion within her and intimacy with Christ.
Four days before Vassula's visit to Australia for her 7 city witnessing tour across
the continent late February 2001, the statue of the Immaculate Conception of our
Lady at the home of Avo & Suzy started to ooze oil. From then onwards, the
prayer group started to grow, and our Lord has been gracious to shower the
prayer group with many other gifts, first of all with many conversions and deeper
intimacy with Christ among those who attend the prayer meetings regularly, and
then in February 2004 with the manifestation of His Stigmata Wounds on
Marianne that continues to this day on and off. Many other miracles have
followed since in the form ofglitter, oil and rose scented holy water that our Lord
continues to manifest to this day.
There have been many reported physical and spiritual healings as a result of the
oil and of the other miracles.
The most striking physical healing is the sudden disappearance of a growth in
one of the lungs ofJenny (who participates in the TLiG prayer group), as a result
of Marianne praying over her and touching her with the oil from her hands, but
also giving Jenny oil from the bottle that our Lord fills from time to time on the
altar in Avo's & Suzy's home.Jenny used that oil also to rub her chest liberally
with cottonwool.
It is interesting to note that the statue of the Immaculate Conception that started
to ooze oil in February 2001 was given as a present to Avo & Suzy by Marianne
on the 8th of December 1999, being the Feastday of the Immaculate Conception.
Neither Marianne, Suzy nor Avo were aware at the time that it was our Holy
Mother's Feastday, something they found outlater, as the Orthodox do not have
the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, and Avo & Suzy are baptised in the
Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church.
taken by Marianne's youngest son Bj who was present at the time.
Good Friday - 6
April 2007
Although the Wounds
are external and cause
much pain and
discomfort, at times
becoming unbearable,
Marianne's internal
suffering is far greater;
suffering that comes in
the form of anguish,
grief for souls, Christ's
repulsion of the sight
of sin throughout all
time which His Body
bore, the sorrow of
innocent victim souls,
and watching His
Mother suffer which
intensifies His sorrow
even more, breaking
His Sacred Heart that is
always united with Her
Immaculate Heart.
gave us
everything, to the
point of laying down
his own life and
suffering the indignity
This is Marianne's 4
"Stigmata" Easter, if I
may phrase it that way. Since Lent 2004, when
Marianne first began to receive manifestations
of Christ's Holy Wounds in the palm of both
hands, our dear Lord, out of His unceasing
and wrath of man to save
and redeem their very souls
that crucified Him, and for
those that still crucify Him to
this day by rejecting Him as
He comes in these times
through the True Life in God
shouting from the
rooftops His great salvation
plan to save them
His Cries fall on deaf ears
and are completely ignored
by many".
Much of the wording in this
column is Marianne's.
Love for us, saw fit to continue manifesting
His Holy Wounds in various ways since then,
mostly during the Holy period leading up to
Easter, but profoundly on Good Friday.
The pictures with blood running from Marianne's eyes were all
Gold Coast, Australia
PO Box 856, Robina QLD 4226. Tel. (07) 559 333 73
While sadness and melancholy
were a part of most days during
Lent in which time parts of
Christ's Passion did manifest,
this began building up more
intensely and progressively
during Passion week. It became
more profound from Holy
Thursday onwards.
The thought came into
Marianne's mind that now that
Bj is with her, our Lord may
hold back from giving outward
signs and external wounds with
blood flowing, so as not to
shock him. But it was not to be.
By early Friday she could not
hide her heavy interior grief
and sorrow.
Marianne made it a point not to
hide her feelings from Bj, so
that he understood her need to
leave him from time to time for
intimate time alone with Christ.
Meanwhile he occupied his
time by doing necessary chores
around the house, making
meals to share together, since
he is a gourmet chef and loves
to cook. He also found time to
tend to some gardening.
Marianne would spend some
short periods of time with Bj
for a cup of tea, sharing some
moments about the building up
of sorrows that she was
heart: to be there for me in
spirit of love and care."
Out of respect for his wish that
his name not be mentioned
here, we'll refer to him here by
the pseudo-initials of Bj. Bj had
to leave Friday around 5:30 pm
to catch the train back to
Brisbane from the Gold Coast,
an hour's train ride, where he
needed to start work early next
In addition to feelings of
suffering related to Christ's
rejection by humanity,
Marianne says she also suffers
due to the obvious physical
pain; at the same time, as she
puts it, being totally united
with Christ in a kind of rapture
which she describes as
transcendent and Bitter Sweet,
numbing the senses from
anything else.
This year Marianne's youngest
son (he is 25) came to stay with
her at his own request from
Holy Thursday afternoon until
Friday late afternoon, knowing
full well of what our Lord had
done with Marianne in the
previous 3 years and of the real
possibility of something
happening during his stay with
his mother.
On reflection, Marianne says:
"This was divinely inspired as
he would be an eye witness for
the 1
time of God's
supernatural manifestation of
Love through the experience of
a drop of His Passion on one of
the least of His creatures, his
own mother, something he
himself said he'll never forget.
His visit was pure out of his
Marianne points out how in this picture she looks up to
Heaven pleading with the Father not to turn His Face away
from her. Christ allowed her to experience somewhat what
He actually experienced in His final moments on the Cross.
Message from True Life in God - Dec. 3, 1988
Jesus says: beloved ones, when you have recently
split, part of Me was torn off, yes, they did not
realize that they have torn a part off My Body, oh
My beloved ones ... do I deserve this? ... why tear
My Heart? ... why tear on your God's Heart? ...
why fill My Eyes with more Tears of Blood?
... I
beg you, just like a beggar, who has been lamed
by his own friends, to return all of you to Peter
and be one, like the Father and I who are One
I am also calling all those who reject My Mother,
to open their ears and hear, My Mother is the
Queen of Heaven, She is by Name, Mother of
I am not blaming those who had not known, I am
only trying to bring you back to The Truth; I also
call out for the conversion of this world, I am
also reminding those who have forgotten My
Omnipotency that they should not compare Me
to themselves,
I am reminding you all that you
are living in the End of Times and thus My Signs
have increased ... Scriptures are being fulfilled ...
2) Jesus portrait appeared in extreme suffering.
His Eyes were filled with Blood with a blood_crust
3) The Protestants
4) Those who rationalise God's Works of now
Marianne remarks how a sudden strong gust of wind accompanied by thunder and rain came over the area
about 5 to 10 minutes after my phone call with her. The duration was very short. I noticed this sudden
gust of wind upstairs in my study too (we live very close to Marianne). I remembered that I had to close
the window because the wind was blowing away my papers. There was also some rain coming in.
I will let Marianne's own words describe the remaining but most significant events of the day on the
following 2 pages, as I took a video of her later talking about her experience. My wife Suzy typed up
Marianne's words by watching and listening to the video.
Just before 2.30 pm
I called Marianne to
find out how she
was. She answered
the phone with a
heavy tone,
speaking in a slow
low voice, letting
me know how her
head was building
up with an
enormous pressure,
together with the
sorrow so much so,
that she felt her
head would
explode. She
explained that as
yet there were no
external signs on
Bj was quiet, it is his nature to be
quiet, but you could see he was
completely overwhelmed, it was
like he was in a shock. If I saw
some one without knowing
anything I would say he was in
I called him for some water. He
went and got me several glasses
of water, but nothing relieved my
I got up as I could see better and
walked to my Altar to be nearer
to Jesus' Image. I sat on the chair
near the table as I was dizzy and
disoriented. Again my eyes
began to burn, and this time I
was aware of the blood coming
in gushes in both my eyes and
conversion of souls, for
reparations for having
dismembered His Body, for those
who openly mock Him and His
Holy Mother, and all His
Sacerdotal souls and apostles of
the end of times that are being
persecuted for His Noble
Messages that have been
reserved specially for these times
of Hell on earth through open
rebellion for all that is holy, and
those souls that say they know
Him, and yet by their indifference
and false humility lead Him hour
after hour on the road to
Calvary. Christ was continually
reassuring me that all this is not
in vain, and that many Graces will
thunder-storm made his eyes
sort of wide open, with an
expression of "what is next?".
I felt wetness on my head
because my hands were there
trying to relieve the pressure,
and I said to him: "Will you
please just have a look, because
it's very wet in my hair." He
looked and let me know that it
was indeed
I suddenly
couldn't see any more. I was
crying with sorrow by then. I felt
a burning sensation in my eyes;
blood had started to come from
my eyes.
So I asked him about
this, and he said "Yes", it was
blood. A little later it eased off
be obtained. In this reassurance,
I in my miserable state through
act of will praise Him, knowing
that to dissolve myself, becoming
a mere icon for Him to imprint
on me whatsoever He wishes. To
glorify Him is all that matters.
This understanding occured in a
relatively short time.
I laid down and he needed to go
outside. So while he was outside,
I had that little respite, very short
though. During this time Christ
let me understand that His Grace
was upon me, and that He was
allowing me to share His bitter
cup, encouraging me to
participate with His cross, for the
Marianne recalls:
I had just
spoken with you on the phone
with great difficulty. I was sitting
on the couch with Bj on my left,
my hands holding my head trying
to relieve the pain and the
pressure in some way that was
very apparent for Bj to see. That
together with the sudden
Later that night Suzy
and I went to see
Marianne. She was
exhausted and her
face and neck were
still blushed red as
evident from the
picture on the left.
I went back down, slumped over
the table again, and that is when
my breathing started to be less
and less and I was
swallowing and
suffocating, then I stopped
breathing for short time.
During these moments I
spontaneously uttered: "Oh how
He suffers for us. Oh how He
suffers watching His Mother". This
is how He felt from the Cross,
watching His Mother while He
Himself was suffocating.
I am not exactly sure how long and
then all of a sudden it was just
over. And Bj said, "Oh! Mum, you
wont believe it, it is
3 minutes
after 3".
So he knew there was some
significance in that time. I had such
total peace at that moment. I was
exhausted but just totally at peace,
hardly breathing but in a peaceful
way. It was just so incredible. He
just sat there with his arm around
me for a time and it was just so
private, intimate and beautiful.
I remembered the thought
occurring to me that Jesus on the
Cross was saying: "Mother, I give
you your son John and to John,
is your mother". I felt it was
somehow such beautiful intimate
and a private time. I just blessed
God, and said "Thank you for
giving me opportunity to be with
my son and share that with him",
because it was very private and it
is not something that can happen
with any one. It was a very big gift
that my son could witness it. After
that I just cleaned myself up
slightly, just enough so that I could
rest here with Him.
so happy, I am here for you mum".
Then I started to weep
uncontrollably in the sense that, I
felt a building up again and then,
all I know, he told me later that my
breathing was shallow
and it was
limited. I felt I was
mouth was filling up. I could taste
blood and it was a lot, because I
was swallowing all the time; and
then I said: "Bj, I am swallowing
crown of my head.
I called out: "Bj Bj come!" and so
he came and sat next to me and
comforted me because I had
slumped over the table, and as I
was slumped over I let him know
that I was so comforted that he
was there. He was asking me if
there is anything he could do. I
said "No, I am so happy you are
here", and he actually said, "I am
In this newsletter, Marianne has tried
to describe as much as possible in
human words,
her deepest feelings of
profound oneness with Christ during
these moments of intense internal and
external suffering around the time of
3 pm. Christ has allowed Marianne to
experience to some degree, what He
went through during those very last
moments on the Cross before He
breathed out His Last Breath. In this
respect, Marianne makes reference to
those passages in this newsletter
where she makes mention of
swallowing blood and suffocating, and
whereby her breathing apparently
seems to have stopped as observed by
her son Bj. On top of all this, Christ
also allowed Marianne to experience
His grief over His Mother, seeing Her
suffer so much from the Cross.
Marianne is trying to swallow the blood that continues to accumulate in her mouth.
In the very early morning hours of Thursday 29
March 2007,
week preceding Holy Week, Marianne's eyes were oozing blood.
Suzy checks out Marianne's
head wound.
and GOLD
glitter on Marianne's Sacred
Heart Statue
Late 2006
We would like to share with you the
miracle of the "bleeding Host turned
flesh" in Marianne's mouth, as
witnessed first hand by a priest, Suzy
and myself during a private Mass late
2006, where only the three of us were
present with the celebrating Roman
Catholic Priest. Out of respect for the
wish of the priest I cannot disclose his
name or the date of the miracle. I hope
you understand this. During Mass I
was standing between Marianne and
I looked at her, and saw that her
mouth was red. She hesitantly
opened her mouth just slightly to
show me the inside of her mouth. I
could clearly see a piece of flesh on
her red tongue. With a low voice I
called out to the priest: "Fr. ...,
look..." pointing my finger at
Marianne. I don't know what went
through the priest at the time, but
he was quite amazed.
I quickly grabbed my digital camera,
asked Marianne to open up her
mouth a bit more, and took two
shots. In the hurry of things I failed
to capture Marianne's complete
face, and only concentrated on her
mouth area. It was a holy moment
during Mass, and I felt quite out of
place to do just that, taking
pictures, but I felt I had to do it. The
urge was too great to let this
miracle of the Host go by without
being documented.
Marianne explained later that she
had trouble swallowing the Host,
and that it took some time for her
to negotiate the Holy Piece of Flesh,
the Most Holy Body of Christ, down
her throat. She did not want to
chew on it but swallow it whole.
The Host normally melts on the
tongue, that was what Marianne
expected; but suddenly to feel a
piece of Flesh on the tongue startled
her. Her whole mouth and tongue
was red, covered by His Most
Precious Blood.
On the pictures, around Marianne's
mouth, you can see the gold
coloured glitter. Even before
Mass, Marianne's face and chest
were already covered with lots of
The phenomenon of gold glitter on
Marianne's body started in January
2005, and has continued to this day
not only on herself, but also on
statues, pictures, holy objects,
books, prayer leaflets, furniture, the
floor, etc. in both Marianne's and
our homes, but also in the homes of
at least two other families, although
not with the same intensity.
Glitter has also been noticed on the
faces and hands of some who attend
the True Life in God Prayer Meetings
at our home, but also when they are
in their own homes.
Outside the three of us (Suzy,
Marianne and myself), I have
counted more than a dozen people
Suzy. During the consecration, I felt
something going on in Marianne. I
could tell from her breathing. When
the three of us received His Body and
Blood, Marianne's breathing became
so far who have received the glitter
on either their faces or hands
(including two clergy), at our home
or in their own homes, and this
number is increasing. Two people
have even reported glitter in their
This Eucharistic Miracle is yet
another miracle in the long list of
signs and wonders our Lord has
been giving us at our two homes,
Marianne's and ours,
and I cannot
note otherwise than the Divine
origin of three things:
the True Life in God messages
our Lord's various
manifestations on Marianne in
the form of Stigmata Wounds,
Oil, Incense and Glitter
the Signs and Wonders He
Himself is showering us and
others in the TLiG Prayer Group
on the Gold Coast.
For those of us who still doubt in
the Real Presence of our Lord and
God Jesus the Christ in the Most
Holy Eucharist, we pray that this
miracle so close to home will
replace that doubt with a firm and
constant faith in and devotion to
Perpetual Sacrifice. Amen.
A Letter from Vassula
I just want to say a few things more about the phenomena of the glitter. In
Venezuela this phenomena is an old phenomena that exists since years and the
definition of this phenomena, as Fr. Laurentin explained it to me now in the
pilgrimage bus when I sat near him are graces from God. I specifically asked him
what are they for? That was his reply.
The glitter from the statues like the case in Venezuela where our Lady appeared
to a nun and gave her messages, from our Lady's dress that was designed with
stars, one of the stars fell off the dress and broke in zillions of glitter. A sign, as
explained of graces that covered Venezuela. Since then many prayerful people
who are near God get the glitter on them. The statue of our lady in the convent of
that visionary nun which is a Rosa Mystica, has gold glitter all over her and
around her. A very old nun from another convent in Caracas who is indeed a
saint had taken me to that visionary nun to meet her and I saw the Rosa Mystica
covered in gold dust. The next day the old nun urgently called me and cheerfully
asked me to visit her in her convent to show me that in her little room all around
her bed was gold glitter and in her heart she knew that our Lady had visited her.
When there is a false visionary who claims to receive messages and deals with
Satan because her evil intentions are to rob off good hearted people and become
rich from their purse, Satan, being a legalist, and a specialist in aping God is
given the power to produce, ape, what comes from God. Eventually he is
unmasked but after having harmed a lot of good intentioned people. We know of
false visionaries who had too the glitter but not before long they are unmasked.
The signs from God are also meant for a reason. Here one needs discernment.
Very few have the gift of discernment. As I see it, the lady with the stigmata
(Marianne) is a quiet person who never asked for anything, she got the stigmata
and a lovely odor comes out of the wounds. She suffered it the first time during
Lent. Then Easter. Oil coming out of her face and hands. This oil was so that
she anoints sick people, like Myrna. Anything she touched (religious) poured
myrrh. Then it was the host that turned into flesh and blood in her mouth. We
also know of Therese Neumann who had just the same thing when her eyes filled
with tears and wept tears of blood. It is not necessarily a must that messages
should follow with the stigmata. For instance Padre Pio did not receive messages
and yet had the stigmata.
However, when the supernatural is going on, either when there are visionaries
seeing our Lady or Jesus, or someone has received the gift of locutions, Satan
too is allowed to step in usually in the beginning (so that he cannot tell God he
had no chance) and will try to spoil what actually comes from God. Here is where
discernment is necessary.
The visionaries in Medjugorje at one point saw a fake virgin Mary. It was Satan
who appeared to them as our Lady and they discovered it by looking at the feet
where they saw goat feet. (He cannot appear completely perfect and must
always leave a sign of his otherwise he'll pop!) Padre Pio too in the beginning of
his ministry, the devil appeared to him as a monk giving him a letter which said
that he should leave that monastery to go to another one, but as he was reading
it, it took fire and he recognized the devil. Me too, when in the beginning the devil
appeared to me as my angel trying to tell me that God never speaks in this way
to people, then gave an insult, I knew, then took also the form and way of
speaking of my deceased dad to ask me to stop writing, then again said
something ugly, I knew. He always will leave his signature.
Coming to the phenomena of the big bottle being filled overnight and the
coliseum on the wall drawn in oil, here one has to pay attention. We must not
judge already but open our eyes and observe. We must not jump either into
premature conclusions by condemning it lest it really comes from God but remain
prudent and give it time as I said to Avo for these two particular signs. Give it
time and time will tell. Avo is a humble personality and he and Suzy never got
offended but accepted my advice.
Also we should know that these things are happening in Avo and Suzy's house
together with their friend Marianne who is in their TLIG prayer group. Since then,
with what is happening over there, their prayer group multiplied from a few to a
hundred people who come and pray regularly. Their house has become a shrine,
filled daily with people who constantly pray. This Armenian couple are no money
makers, on the contrary, they gave a lot of their own money from the beginning,
years back, to promote the TLIG messages, were always very faithful to the TLIG
messages and now they are heading to Armenia to re-establish the TLIG that
has been shaken and ousted out by Satan a few months after my visit. They will
try to give a proper file and a proper testimony to the Catholicos (the Pope of the
Armenian Church) on TLIG who persecutes the messages. They will be away
from their house (Australia)for a few months to testify and see that Armenia’s
heart opens up once more to receive and welcome the TLIG messages.
In Christ,