World Congress of Families: Gay Iconoclasm

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    This is a 'must watch' youtube presented by Patristic Nectar publications - Holding the Line against the Radical LGBT Agenda. Father Josiah Trenham speaks at the World Congress of Families X on May 15th 2016, in Tbilisi Georgia:


    “Everything in this life passes away—only God remains, only He is worth struggling towards. We have a choice: to follow the way of this world, of the society that surrounds us, and thereby find ourselves outside of God; or to choose the way of life, to choose God Who calls us and for Whom our heart is searching.” — Fr. Seraphim Rose
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    Wow thanks karnala a very powerful video....Never have I heard such forthright preaching. in these times we see an all pervasive agenda and the propaganda is relentless. This is a timely warning...we should pray for those in that lifestyle, it is the road to ruin...
  3. karnala

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    I've learnt that our Orthodox brethren don't waver in their beliefs - whereas a lot of Christians in the West are 'sitting on the fence' regarding the LGBT agenda. It makes me glad to know that God has prophesied to Vassula that: I Will Lift Her (Russia) To Become The Head Of Many Nations.

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    Yes karnala ...100% ...the Orthodox are very thankfully orthodox . I heard NO PREACHING in Ireland against the legislation for "homosexual marriage"

    Its due to being brow beaten and put on the defensive by massive media presence and a false "compassion". I recall a protestant pastor who ministered to homosexual men
    in agony on their death beds. Apparently they begged for him to come to minister to them. If they had heard the right teaching earlier perhaps they could have avoided their agonising death to AIDS...
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    That is sad news for Ireland - I remember the referendum vote last year making Ireland the first country to approve of same-sex "marriage" by majority vote and first specifically "Catholic" country to do so :(

    My sponsor sent me a prayer which we're saying for nine days between the Feast of the Beheading of St John the Baptist, and the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary: NOVENA TO THE HOLY FAMILY FOR THE DEFENCE OF MARRIAGE IN NATIONAL PLEBISCITE. The people who want to change marriage in Australia keep saying that most people already approve of same-sex unions, however on August 29 (Feast of St John the Baptist), the Herald Sun reported:

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