Who was Rasputin?

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    I came across this interesting story on Russian Faith about Rasputin and I wanted to post it here, thinking it would interest members who want to know more about Russian history. This post isn't spiritual nor about TLIG messages, so apologies in advance for this, but what I thought could interest members here is the opening up of Russian society, which is allowing other views to come out. It is another tidbit of proof of the freedom that is gaining ground in Russia today, which contrasts with what is happening in the west.

    The article presents another view of Rasputin, whose portrait - that of a sorcerer, manipulator, liar, etc - would have been completely fabricated by those who brought down the Russian Christian monarchy (foreigners with ties to Freemasonry). According to certain historians, Rasputin was not the evil man portrayed publicly since his death, but rather a holy, devout & pious Christian with a genuine charism for healing, whom the Tzar kept close to help his hemophiliac son.

    It's an interesting read and there is also a documentary on the subject, in Russian. But here you can view the documentary trailer with English subtitles.

    God Bless you all.
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    I read the same thing that Grigori Efimovich Rasputin-Novuy was an extraordinary person and a holy man. The book on this website goes into a lot of detail about his life and what happened with Freemasons, etc:


    A lot is written about Grigori Rasputin but for the first time the Russian scientist and publicist Oleg Platonov analyzes these 'works' which often turn out to be mere fabrications. With documentary evidence the author proves that the image of Rasputin .... was created by the powers destroying Russia and the tsarist regime. The real Rasputin and his fabricated image had nothing in common. Recreating the true personality of Grigori Rasputin is important nowadays due to the fact that the Russian Orthodox Church is discussing canonizing the Tsar's family and Rasputin was their close friend.

    Saint Martyr Grigori Rasputin

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    Very interesting website thank you karnala. What a world of lies we live in!

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