Vladmir Putins pilgrimage..?

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    I remember reading his visit coincided with the celebrations of 1,000 years of the Russian monastic presence in Mount Athos. Can only hope when he attends a Christmas service it will bring peace, peace, peace.

    I always think of President Putin as being a Russian Nationalist and the news in Australia is reporting he's bombed a second hospital in Aleppo. (There are photos of bloodied children waiting for treatment, covered in dust from rubble):
    Syria war: Russia to continue bombing Aleppo....
    Fri 30 Sep 2016
    [​IMG] Photo: Medics inspect damage outside a field hospital after an air strike in Aleppo. (Reuters: Abdalrhman Ismail)

    Russia says it will press on with its bombing campaign in Syria, where forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad are waging a furious assault on Aleppo's rebel-held eastern sector.
    • Dozens of civilians killed in recent strikes on Aleppo
    • US again calls for humanitarian aid access
    • Ban Ki-moon denounces hospital attacks as war crimes
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    Russia's involvement in Syria is a really difficult topic. So much of what is going on in the Middle East stems from the actions of the West, from the removal of Sadam Hussein onwards.

    I remember when the media reported on the first opposition demonstrations in Syria, the whole of the Western establishment and media encouraged the opposition to remove the Syrian government of Assad. Then the encouragement increased to providing help on the ground to those who could bring down Assad.

    The Syrian government at the time was certainly no crystal clean government but Assad himself, unlike his father, was a true reformer although with limited power (again, unlike his father). But armed revolution is always a mistake and we have seen the appalling consequences ever since. If Assad falls, it is unimaginable what might happen. Russia is attempting to support the only stable government capable of stopping a complete collapse of any kind of law and order.

    How true any of the reports are about what is happening in Aleppo is an unknown. The western media continues its propaganda against the Assad regime and no doubt some of it is accurate but how much? I try to get some sort of balance by viewing the news on rt.com. This obviously presents things from the Russian perspective but it acts as a corrective to the daily stuff we see in the west.

    I am convinced that Russia has no agenda other than stopping the war in Syria and if the USA really stopped trying to portray Russia as their enemy and instead cooperated fully with them, the war could be stopped. There have been some partially successful attempts at cooperation but the forces of evil are so strong and widespread that they seem to have been squashed at the moment.
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    And as an illustration of the kind of information about Aleppo that would not, normally, be published by western media, here is an interesting report about the actions of the rebels in Aleppo reported by Vatican Insider:

    “Religious are like soldiers. And soldiers don’t run away.” Sister Luisa points to the tiles of the balcony that runs around the second floor of Farah, an Armenian Catholic school in the city’s Middan neighbourhood. The lighter coloured ones indicate the part that collapsed after a rebel bombing last June. “Everything came down,” she says, “the balcony, a wall, the staircase. It was tough but we managed to have it rebuilt before the start of the new school year”. Sister Luisa was appointed headmistress of the school in 2010, when the civil war had begun. As she speaks, explosions can be heard in the background, less than a kilometre away. “We get more scared than children do, they get used to everything. Many have told me to leave. But we are responsible for our pupils no matter what.”

    Subjects taught at the school include Armenian, Arabic, English and French, as well as other traditional subjects. “Fortunately. When the missile hit there was no one in the classrooms. It was a form of revenge following Germany’s recognition pf the Armenian genocide. The minute the news spread around Middan neighbourhood, all hell broke loose”. Also because bombs and mortar fire was coming from the nearby neighbourhood of Bustan al-Basha, “the pasha’s orchard”, an estate of the Turkish-friendly rebels of Ahrar al-Sham. Turkish hatred towards the Armenians added to the hatred among rebel and pro-government forces. Most of the streets in Middan are closed off with blockades formed out of rubble and burnt cars, which show just how far things can go. Sheets have been strung between buildings to block snipers’ view. When the wind blows them away, people risk their lives to put them back up.

    Farah (happiness) has 265 pupils who attend school in their neat blue and pink uniforms. 99% of them are Christian. But that is only because Armenian is compulsory and it is too hard if no one in the family speaks it, Sister Luisa explains. But the contrary is true in Christian schools in Aleppo. The city’s Salesian technical college is a real institution, even though it was nationalised in 1967. Fr. George directed it for 40 years and had “many Muslim pupils”. The Aleppo he remembers is a city where Christians would wish their Muslim neighbours during Islamic feasts and invited them to celebrate theirs with them. “Syria has given the Church seven Popes. Many denominations, such as the Maronites, were born here. Without Syria, there is no Christianity.

    The way Salesians see it, the war was imposed by foreign forces. “When elephants fight, it’s the grass that gets crushed,” says Fr. Pierre Jabloyan. At the last World Youth Day, he gave the Pope a shell case found in a school that was attacked by rebels. And Francis apparently “now carries it with him wherever he goes”. But while Francis is respected and trusted by all 11 Christian denominations in Aleppo, the opposite is true for other world leaders. “I sent an open letter to Barack Obama,” says the Bishop of the Presbyterian Church Ibrahim Nussayr. “I urged him to open his eyes and not to support groups that are not ‘democratic revolutionaries’ but gangs of fanatics, criminals”.

    The building of the Presbyterian Church founded in Syria by the Scots in 1843 was destroyed by rebel missiles, as were 20 other churches. “The government has given us the land and funding to rebuild it. There are 850 pupils in our schools, more than 90% of them are Muslim. Terrorists are not Muslim, believe me. Syria’s different faiths have lived together in harmony for 1500 years.” The real problem, the Bishop lamented, is that “Europe and America are no longer Christian countries, there is no other explanation for all this indifference”. Aleppo’s Christians, he recalled, went from “130,000 to 35,000” in five years. “That is less than 3% of the population: whether they were killed or forced to flee, that is ethnic cleansing”. Yesterday too, the slaughter of civilians continued. At dawn, a raid was carried out - probably by the Russian aviation-, hitting another hospital in Eastern Aleppo, while in the government zone, in Aziziya, rebels launched a bomb that struck a school, wounding 17 pupils.

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    There's a news report about Putin's visit to the Middle East back in 2012, which refers to a pilgrimage as well:

    Initially, I was horrified that hospitals were being bombed because of the special protected status under international humanitarian law - with it being a war crime deliberately to attack a hospital or other medical unit.

    Its interesting how they're comparing Putin to Tsar Nicholas I - because there is Orthodox prophecy of St Lawrence of Chernigov (reposed on 6 Jan. 1950) about a future Tsar anointed by God .... however, Vassula's messages say that Russia's shepherds will be gathering to restore my House (which I wouldn't think would be Putin as Tsar):

    Russia, together with all the Slavic nations and lands, will constitute a mighty Tsardom (kingdom). At its helm will be an Orthodox Tsar, Anointed of God. The Tsar will be from God. All schisms and heresies will vanish in Russia. There will not be any persecution of the Orthodox Church. The Lord will have mercy on Holy Rus', because in her there had been the horrible, terrible time preceding the antichrist. The great regiment of the Martyrs and Confessors has shown forth, beginning with the highest spiritual and civil ranks. Metropolitan and Tsar, priest and monk, children and even nursing infants, ending with laypeople. All these will beseech the Lord God the King of Hosts, the King of Kings, glorified in the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    One must firmly understand that Russia is one of the portions of the Queen of Heaven, and She cares for and intercedes for it especially. The whole choir of Russian Saints, together with the Mother of God, begs [the Lord] to spare and have mercy on Russia.

    There will be a flowering of the Orthodox Faith and the former rejoicing will return—only for a short time. For the Dread Judge will come to judge the living and the dead.

    The Russian Orthodox Tsar will be feared even by the antichrist himself.

    From Vassula:

    when in the last days nation after nation will decline and pervert itself for having erected the disastrous abomination in the Holy Place, Russia's shepherds will be gathering to sanctify her altars;

    and while others3 (apostates) will be reverencing a lifeless form, an invention of human skill, an unbreathing image, Russia's shepherds will be gathering, glorifying Me, for I, God, will preserve her Integrity....

    I will place her shepherds at the head of innumerable nations; I have engraved her with the seal of consecration to offer Me, once more, incense and an appeasing fragrance; this is why I will overwhelm her shepherds with miracles;

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