Unity -from an evangelical perspective

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    I think this beautifully sums up the humility needed for unity. so much is possible
    so much can be done together....

    "Over the years I have written on theological topics related to Catholic (or Orthodox) theology such as deification. In my present location I always have a Catholic priest (who earned his doctorate in Rome) speak to my classes. Occasionally we meet with him at his church. I have outstanding Catholic colleagues in the university. I admire them very much and have no trouble embracing them as equally Christians with Protestants. That doesn’t mean I agree with their theology on every point; I don’t. And I could never myself be a Catholic, but none of that means I consider them less than authentically and fully Christian. No church or tradition has a corner on truth."

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    Part of one of the recently published messages comes to mind here:

    Is the unity You want a reconciliation of all Churches? But that their rule remains for
    forbidding members of another Church to receive You in the Eucharist? Or is the unity You
    want, assembling all clergy from various Churches and celebrating the Eucharist around one

    Vassula, everything is written in the Scriptures; My Word says that My Mystical Body is
    One! No one can say to another one, ‘go, I do not need you,’ or ‘go, you do not belong to
    this Church,’ it is like telling them, ‘go, you do not belong to the Mystical Body,’ the eye
    cannot say to the hand you are not needed or you do not belong to this Body, the One
    Body; therefore, My answer to your questions is the following:

    a perfect unity will be when all the shepherds, no matter from which denomination they
    belong to will join around one Altar and concelebrate together… but so long as Love is
    missing in them, and do not possess this gift, due to fear, rivalry, prejudices, pride and the
    like, My Body will remain divided and the world will continue to suffer, rejecting peace,
    rejecting My Law of Love, while absorbing easily all the dark forces of evil in them;
    therefore, anyone who claims that he is inspired and has faith yet does not recognize that it
    is I, the Lord, who wants this unity and that it is I who am speaking…there will be no

    TLIG, July 8, 2016​
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    David excellent . Reminds me I must catch up on recent messages..

    ...division is of the devil

    Unity and the spirit of unity is from God

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