True Treasures

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    Angelus Address: On the End and Goal of the History of Peoples and Individuals

    ‘It’s Not an Address on the End of the World but an Invitation to Live the Present Well and to be Vigilant and Always Ready’

    Holy Father Recalls the True Treasures in Life

    Where do we Hear the Cry of the Poor?

    Pope Francis: Homily on World Day of the Poor

    The True Treasures in Life: God and our Neighbor

    Pope Francis Invites Christians to Live Well the Present

    ‘Heaven and earth will pass away — says Jesus –, but my words will not pass away’

    Pope Expresses Closeness and Love for Victims of Attack in Central African Republic

    More than 40 Killed by Terrorists in Alindao

    US: Pope Prays for Victims of California Fires

    Also for Those Suffering in Cold

    Pope Francis and Poor Enjoy a Good Lunch

    ‘Thank you all so much for the Company’

    Central African Republic: More than 40 Killed in Cathedral Attack

    Victims Include Vicar General of the diocese of Alindao, Bishop Blaise Mada

    First Aid Station in St. Peter’s Square has Surprise Guest

    Pope was Just Visiting…no Treatment Needed

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