this year the triumph of the Immaculate Heart will happen

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by karnala, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    Here's an urgent UPDATE from Mary TV in Medjugorje: I had time to listen to Marija's testimony from Oct. 24th and at the 1:27 (one hour and 27 minute marker) the translator said something to the effect that Marija said that she believed this year the triumph of the Immaculate Heart will happen.

    Here's the link to their newsletter:


    Praise be Jesus & Mary
  2. David

    David Well-Known Member

    Thank you for posting this item, karnala. It is certainly worth reflecting on. Maria clearly did say she believed the triumph would happen this year. What, precisely, Maria meant by this statement is not something we can be too sure about and, of course, Maria is presumably just giving her opinion rather than something Our Lady told her.
  3. Radhe

    Radhe Well-Known Member

    Wow karnala thanks for that...!
    dare we hope it is the 100th anniversary of Fatima.....?

    From your link karnala:

    (August 25, 1991 message referenced by Marija in her talk on October 24, 2017 in S. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna).

    Excuse my ignorance what did Our Lady mean 9 days of renunciation - is that a novena and fasting?

    ...The old "idiot" has had an uncontested reign for some time.

    There is a collapse in the deceits and craftiness in the world, in the worldly sense. The Lord mentioned somewhere in true Life in God that "the shrewdness of evil would wear out."
    Another good sign.
  4. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    I have another UPDATE, David, Radhe, from a TLIG believer in Australia. She went to the Ecumenical Retreat held in Australia in March this year - and Vassula was saying there that the Triumph will be soon, in the next 12 months.
    This doesn't seem to have been shared to everyone, in newsletters, facebook, etc.

    I've asked if anyone has a video recording, and she's going to find out.
  5. David

    David Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid I don't believe this. Even if Vassula personally felt something specific would happen this year, I don't think she would share this with others, even privately. And if she had said this in March, we would all know about it by now!

    In the meantime it has been suggested that Marija's reported comment in St Stephen's Cathedral could well have been the result of a misunderstanding of her words. A slight alteration of her quoted words would show a different meaning:

    When we all love the Son, at that point the world changes and then peace will reign and I believe that (it is in) this year (that) the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph.

    Meaning that the year when we all love the Son and peace reigns, then the Heart of Mary triumphs.
  6. andree

    andree Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting this David. I was surprised about Marija's comment and what you've copied above makes more sense to me.

    Karnala, I look forward to hearing more about what Vassula may have said. I also would be very surprised if Vassula actually gave a timeline for the Triumph, but even if she has said something of the sort, I wouldn't necessarily believe her either, unless there is a Message related to it. The visionaries are all asked to keep quiet aren't they, except for a few who have missions, like Mirjana revealing the secrets and Conchita the date of the Miracle.

    I do hope that it comes soon, however that will also mean a tremendous amount of worldwide unheaval, pain & suffering. Not sure I can ever be ready for that...
  7. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    I've always believed that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph alongside Her Son - just like the "Two Hearts" in our Catholic faith. The TLIG messages say the two witnesses of Revelation are Jesus & Mary.

    they (1 The Russians) should consecrate Russia to Our Two Hearts .... and the Triumph will come; ....September 18, 1993 (Moscow - Russia's Crisis)

    A majority of Australia has just voted yes for same-sex marriage and now the Marriage Act will be changed before Christmas :( - well then, your time of lust is almost over now; have you not heard that the Splendour of Dawn (8 Jesus means His Reign to come) is going to reign and shine in each heart that has been consecrated to Our Two Divine Hearts from which they will obtain divinisation? ....April 3, 1996

    In her messages, Vassula is clearly told that the two witnesses are symbolic names for the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The prophets in the reading we just saw have the same miraculous powers as Moses and Elijah, so in the following message of December 24, 1991, they are identified by those names:

    "Some will ask: 'where are Elijah and Moses who are to come?' I tell you, you evil generation: We [Christ means the Two Hearts who are the two witnesses in the Apocalypse 11:1-3 and in Zechariah 4:1-14] have not been speaking in parables all these years -- Elijah and Moses have come already and you have not recognized them but treated them as you pleased. You have not listened to Our Two Hearts, the Immaculate Heart of My Mother and My Sacred Heart, you faithless generation.

    When I first read Mary TV's newsletter, I was thinking it could be one of the secrets - and even all the secrets will be announced to everyone before they start to unfold.
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  8. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    My TLIG friend from Australia has just messaged me regarding Unity (not the Triumph). I haven't as yet bought the CD and will try and find if its been uploaded to youtube:

    yes my friend Wendy who was with me in Melbourne also heard Vassula say it would be next year when Unity would come. Vassula also repeats it on the new CD that is just out,with all the talks from the Melbourne retreat.Its in her 3rd talk.

  9. David

    David Well-Known Member

    I've checked with the person responsible for inviting Vassula and she doesn't remember her saying anything like this. She is currently away from home but will check the CD when she gets back.
  10. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    Here's another UPDATE from Mary TV:

    Dear Cheryl, thank you for your email asking for clarification about a sentence I quoted from Marija's October 24, 2017 talk in St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna:

    Dear Mary TV,

    You have a posted interview with Marija on your webpage which claims to translate that Marija said this is the year of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Have you confirmed with Marija that is indeed what she said or did the translator make an error? The translator hesitated a few times during that line. I worry this is going to start a false fire storm! Just because a priest translated it, it still needs to be confirmed before something like this is spread. False information could hurt Our Lady's Plans and souls.

    Respectfully, please confirm!

    That "firestorm" is well underway. Yes, false information is being spread, detrimental to Our Lady's plans and to souls! "Satan is strong and wants to sweep away my plans of peace and joy and make you think that my Son is not strong in His decisions."

    I am grateful to have received a more exact English translation of Marija's words:

    "I believe that with this year, as she said, begins the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart."

  11. David

    David Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this karnala. I am anticipating a similar clarification of what Vassula might have said during the TLIG retreat in Australia earlier this year.


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