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    Excerpt From:
    Ask For The 7 Gifts Of My Holy Spirit

    June 19, 1995

    " not let My Spirit find you ill-disposed or unwilling; let Him enlighten your mind and in the contrast of your nothingness My Holy Spirit of Understanding will be Everything you lack; Companion and Friend, He will hide no mysteries from you, but will offer you teachings that no mind has understood, things beyond the mind of mankind, going into the impenetrable and into the imperishable, reaching the depths of God;

    so do not be like the scholars and the philosophers of your time who justify their philosophy to the model of their own rationalistic spirit; flesh and blood cannot reveal what comes from the Spirit; I can offer you My Kingdom and My Spirit can lead your step into My Kingdom; come then and inherit what lasts for ever by allowing My Spirit of Understanding to enlighten your mind and your body with His Divine Light, allowing Him to animate your soul in the intimacy We5 desire of you in Us............"

    A very compelling radio broadcast from 1942 during WW2 by Msgr Fulton Sheen mentions Job and his questions then Gods Questions to Job...........

    1942-3-15 "Peace: Trust in God's Plan "

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