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    The Great Return (excerpt)
    "......But what is again the Hope of the message? The Hope is that we can be sure that our Lord will pour out His Holy Spirit to all mankind and will bring us to unite completely and that His Return is imminent… Because it is imminent, the Lord sends before Him His Holy Spirit to prepare us and the Bride of the Spirit who is our Blessed Mother to prepare the way for Jesus. In spite that both of Them are persecuted with frenzy and chased away, do not fear, God will execute His Plan as foreseen by Him, because the reign of the Kingdom of God is at hand and in this reign His Will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    “My Will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven, and under My Hallowed Name many nations shall come from far away, from all the ends of the earth to dwell close to My Holy Name, extolling My greatness by the divinity I would give you back.” 19.12.90

    When Jesus talks about His return, He also makes it obvious that it is not the end of the world. So how could His Return be explained? When I raised the question to Jesus on how is He to come, Jesus then only told me this: “Love will return as love.” The Spirit of the Lord is love and so for me it meant that the Holy Spirit will renew us as never before in history in a second generalized pentecost and teach us to live in the love of God. So then it was only a question of the Holy Spirit as a great return. Here is a typical message about His Great Return:

    “My return is imminent and I am giving you constant signs to prepare you. Love is on the path of return, I am on My way to you.

    Tell Me, when a king enters into a city, will there be no preparations to receive him? The whole city will be in turmoil and the king will send before him his elect and his imperial court to prepare a way for him and make his paths straight. He will send his messengers to announce his coming. He will ask them to shout with a loud voice: “Here is your King, your King is coming…”

    This is why, before My Return, I am sending you before Me, the Arch of Alliance, I am sending you the Woman of the Apocalypse, the second Eve, who will crush the serpent’s head with her heel. I am sending you before Me My Mother, to open a broad highway and level it in this desert and make your peace with Me, your King, before My Great Return.. I am sending you My angels to remind you of My Holiness, My magnificence and My splendour. I am sending you My mouthpieces to shout and proclaim on the rooftops of your houses the wedding of My Holy Spirit…Soon, very soon now I shall tear the heavens open and come down in full force!” 10.10.90

    Full script below....

    Below Rabbi Jonathan Cahn recently great day of repentance praying for Revival...

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    Thank you, Radhe, for reminding us of this from Vassula about the Great Return of the Lord. I think it is really valuable to read this address now which was given by Vassula in the Holy Land in 1998 at what was really the first ecumenical pilgrimage although it was not described that way at the time. It was first mentioned on this forum a few years ago at

    Of course over twenty years later we are still awaiting that Return which we know is coming ever closer. I have found the newly published messages from this year particularly significant. The message of March 13 is of course significant in its marking of the start of the covid pandemic. The message which followed, on April 12, firmly provides a context to the virus. Then, the third message of 2020, June 12th, includes the following interesting words,
    For me, it seems an enormous grace that we TLIG readers have almost immediate access to God's Words at this truly significant time.

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