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    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us.
    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us.​
    "I tell you if anyone prays this Rosary [The Orthodox Rosary] to Me, heaven will open to him and My Mercy shall save him; make your peace with Me, make your peace with Me, ask Me every day: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner;" (January 18, 1990)

    There might be two promises in this message, regarding the Orthodox Rosary: (1.) heaven will open to him (2.) and My Mercy shall save him;

    Often, in her talks Vassula will say something like this: “Do you want to receive the Holy Spirit?” (“Yes!”) “Then first, you must repent. The Holy Spirit will not come to one who is in debt to sin.”

    I think “heaven will open to him”, could mean God will help us to repent and die to self, so we will eventually be disposed to receive the Spirit. “And immediately, coming up from the water, He saw the heavens parting and the Spirit descending upon Him like a dove. Then a voice came from heaven, “You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” (Mark 1:10-11) There's another similar TLIG passage: “as I have renewed your life daughter, likewise I will renew all those who invoke sincerely, My Name.” (October 11,1993)

    Any thoughts?
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    The Orthodox Prayer Rope, also known as the Jesus Prayer, is usually black for the color of mourning and sorrow, and reminds Orthodox Christians to be sober and serious in their lives.
    Orthodox are taught that repentant prayer, especially the Jesus Prayer, can bring us what the Holy Fathers call joy-creating sorrow—in Greek "Harmolipi". We are sorry for our sins and our weakness and failings before God, our fellow men and ourselves; but in Christ, Who pours out His mercy and forgiveness on all who call upon His Name, this sorrow becomes a source of joy and comfort.

    This Orthodox prayer rope is knotted from wool that has been sheared from a sheep, a reminder of the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world (see: John 1:29). The cross at one end of the prayer rope likewise speaks to us of the sacrifice and victory of life over death, of humility over pride, of self-sacrifice over selfishness, of light over darkness.

    And the tassel on the prayer rope? You can use it to wipe the tears away from your eyes, or, if you have no tears, to remind you to weep because you cannot weep.
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    Repentance is crucial and Vassula is one of the few prophets or evangelizers who makes this message central in her talks. I don't remember hearing repentance mentioned a single time in all sermons during the jubilee year of Mercy. It's an aspect that seems to be forgotten, or when there are tears, the Church seems to want to quickly pass onto tears of happiness and joy.

    I try to tell the youth in Cathechism that when you call out Jesus' name, you have to do it sincerely or else it has little or no meaning.

    Thanks for posting this reminder, it is such an easy prayer to say that I only regret that I don't say it enough!
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    Thank you Karnala, I changed the title to The Jesus Prayer, since this is more common.

    andree, like you said, sincerity is very important. Vassula's note about the Repentance Prayer, from November 13, 2006, says: "This prayer will be very effective if prayed with the heart and sincerity." The same could apply to the Jesus Prayer.

    Here is the other prayer Vassula will sometimes use at meetings:

    "Blessed be Your Name,
    O You Who hear our Prayer
    Blessed are You, my Lord, who removed our soul from the pit,
    Blessed be Your Graciousness who draws us in Your Heart,
    to save us and set us free.
    God, You are our Salvation, our Riches, our Sight and our Life.
    You who daily enchant our soul and rejoice our heart with Your Presence,
    Allow us to profit from Your Presence;
    We ask You, Jesus Christ, in Your Name,
    Peace, Integrity and a Spirit of Forgiveness.
    We beseech You, Jesus Christ, in Your Name, to heal us, Dear Lord,
    From our iniquities and our vices,
    Heal us, Lord, by the power of Your Holy Spirit,
    Heal us spiritually, uprooting all that is evil.
    Refresh us, O Holy Spirit, and revive us by renewing us.
    Jesus Christ, in Your Name,
    We beseech You to Heal all spiritual sickness,
    Any physical sickness and anything that troubles our soul.
    Let every fiber of our heart proclaim now with love Your Glory;
    Hear our prayer. Most Gracious Lord, and answer us.

    The Jesus Prayer is a way to continue this repentance on a regular basis.
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    Perhaps a better interpretation of "heaven will open to him": it might refer to spiritual (or general) blessings, consolations, etc. Some messages referring to rain or droughts and deserts remind me of this Jesus Prayer message. The footnote from May 10, 1993 for example: "I felt a rain of God's love pour on me..."

    Then "My Mercy shall save him" sounds similar to the story of the Good Thief.

    Also, why "the" sinner instead of "a" sinner? There's an interesting answer here:

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